Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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  1. the shading makes it look like john got this shit kicked out of him

  2. I never realized that John Adams looked so much like Benjamin Franklin.

  3. That “John Adams” tatt is creepy as fuck! I bet he argues and gets pissed when people tell him it’s Ben Franklin.. Dumb ass!

  4. John Adams is a rather odd role model for someone who types in GhettoText.

  5. Reminds me of when people get tattoos that are misspelled and when someone notes it they say “ya i no i got it dat way on prpose 2 b unique i dont care that its rly ben franklin!!”

  6. John Adams because it’s his favorite beer.

  7. Just reading the way this young gentleman talks, gives proof enough that he is in fact A F**KING IDIOT! Get your tat on! “Ima dun gun gone get dis Der tat of dis OG on meh back. BITCHES!” GOD HELP THE WORLD.

  8. ^ Why did you censor yourself like that?
    Now I can’t tell what you meant by “A F**KING IDIOT.”

    Oh wait, was it FLAKING? Is that what you meant? Or FINKING? I’m so confused.

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