Monday, October 4, 2010

Share It or Spare It

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  1. 51.50. should i feel elated or disgusted?

  2. Mariah, I’d say that’s good enough. Kind of the best of both worlds. It’s like you’re inside on a summer night and you get up in a dream, and then love walks in. Why can’t this be love?

  3. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it says “-$5000”. There for if u for some reason have drowned a puppy ur worth should be negative.

  4. This had to have been made recently, it’s a reference to that chick in (insert eastern bloc country name here) in the red jacket.

  5. This is just an estimate:

    Relationship 1×1=1
    Kissed Someone 200×1.50=300
    Had Sex 25×7=175
    Slept Naked 18,250×3=54,750
    Sex With Animal 2×9 =18

    Total 55,242

  6. Sorry that’s wrong. I meant 21.50.

  7. keona, firstly, nice to have you back. secondly, can you put a fatty photo up please, otherwise it’s false advertising. are there any where you look like jabba the hut?

    unless you’ve lost hundreds of lbs (pounds, not lamebooks) in the last couple of weeks, in which case, hats off.

  8. 70.50.

    Plus, couldn’t she have just added something worth $5 and something worth $3? She didn’t necessarily only add one thing..

  9. wow…. $5,183.10….

  10. i’ve pretty much done everything except have sex with an animal… well, wait. if you count my last boyfriend…

  11. $62.50

    Would be much more fun for adults if there were more dirty choices. This is fun if you are in.. middle school I guess.

  12. No oral, no anal, no masturbated over your friends pet

  13. 66.50!

  14. $82.50 🙂

  15. $42.50, and i’m only fourteen. 🙂

  16. Well shouldn’t you be proud and stoked on life @meganruthx

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