Monday, May 4, 2009

Lame In a Bottle



Hey Kendall,

Wow. So glad Adley isn’t relying on you for milk anymore. Now He/She can rely on daddy for breast feeding. I am glad Adley is so excited to eat, because I’ve lost my appetite. Too much information. Thanks Kendall.

♥ The Editors

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  1. whats up with the name, Adley?

  2. there isn’t a post about a fucking baby that isn’t lame.

  3. “bonding” my ass. you obviously hate your kid if you named her “Adley”

  4. I find very little lame about this post…

  5. If your that much of a controlling bitch that you can’t pump a bottle of milk out and let your husband feed his child until the baby is OFF breast milk… you need to be slapped and your mommy license revoked. I feel bad for the guy thats ridiculous.

  6. Is kendall a girl?

  7. There’s no where in this post that says the bottle WASN’T pumped breast milk or that the baby is off breast milk. You people are angry.

  8. I agree with Jen. How do you know the baby isn’t a newborn? Can’t really see what’s lame about this post and I think the people who commented above are just desperately trying to find something to complain about.

  9. Wow – brilliant !
    I can hardly wait to read Kendall’s post about Adley’s first shit in a potty !!!

  10. After reading many of these Facebook updates from mothers who get overexcited about whatever their baby does every single moment, I’m almost tempted to stay childless for life.

  11. Meh. This really doesn’t deserve to be on the site.

  12. Editors comment – Lame fail

  13. I think Adley sent this one in.

  14. This isn’t lame, it’s no worse then the constant..sat nite woohoo, gonna get so drunk!… wow, again, good for you

  15. although i agree that all posts about how moms love their kids make me want to gag (and i say this as a mother who reads peoples posts about this shit daily), i dont see how this is particularly lame, i dont think it even belongs on this site… so adley got fed by daddy, big whoop… lets move on :p

  16. Editors…really have no life. You’re complaining about a mother talking about her baby. That’s an exciting thing for anybody. Get a life. Poke fun at a moron for once.

  17. I’m starting the think the editors hate mothers, children, mothers who love their children, and the accomplishments of those children.

    Seriously, do you guys just post EVERYTHING that gets submitted? The only way this needed to make the “Lamebook” cut would be if she had mentioned putting alcohol into the bottle or if “Daddy” was trying to breastfeed the baby himself.


  18. @ QueenB

    Cynicism makes the Lamebook world go ’round.

  19. the only thing lame about this is the editors note…
    but maybe thats why it’s in the douchebag section… you mr editor are a douchbag

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