Monday, February 8, 2010


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  1. Emily is a delusional skeez.

    Pray tell Nicole is not going into an occupation where people’s lives will depend on her knowing things.

    Poor Amber, so much fail. A crab load, I imagine, is equivalent to the maximum volume and/or mass, able to be safely transported by an ocean-going vessel without endangering the buoyancy of said vessel. I know that doesn’t help, but… …what I want to know is how much money was offered in dollars, and why don’t I have friends like the one who made the offer? fml

  2. Why do people like jez_24 get on people for criticizing the people in these posts? That’s the WHOLE PURPOSE of this site! If you don’t like people bagging on other (anonymous) people, then go find some other site to hang out at. Christ.

  3. What is going on with Emily’s pose? I cannot make out which part is her dress, the background, someone else … or is this a rogue Picasso photo?

    This reminds me of someone I know who posted, “Isn’t my new profile picture awesome?” Trouble is, it was. But I was never going to gratify her with a response. I need to start submitting to this site. Unfortunately I see too many possibilities each day.

  4. I’m thinking that Emily’s banana-back pose has something to do with
    a) making her tits look bigger and
    b) pushing her less attractive friend out of the picture to stop cramping her “styleeee”

    I’m also thinking that Ashley’s sore throat is a result of already blowing the guy’s friend, and her miserable mood is a result of not getting the promised cash.

  5. I really didn’t get the first one, but her friend is trying like hell to avoid her tits.

    And I hope that Nicole’s male profs are gay. That would lol me.

  6. @Sensible Madness: I couldn’t agree more with you. That is the whole point of this site and these people come with their “moral” comments and try to ruin the fun. But the worse thing is that they are here, reading the posts, our comments and continuing the thread. Really, get a grip!

  7. @19 Cherry Cola

    I took “OMGhhh” to be a combination of ‘OMG’ and ‘hhh’ mashed together through lack of appropriate spacing.

    I hope Nicole gets put on academic probation for being an idiot.

  8. If by “hit” Emily you mean “tap that fine behind” then yes.

  9. I thought Casey Anthony was in jail? Oh, nevermind, her name is Emily.

    tsk tsk tsk Nicole, start training right now for that career in exotic dance.

  10. @gingivitis

    I, at least, don’t take pictures like that Emily. So I guess that’s a good start.

  11. Madrid, but the moral crap is how *I* have fun…so, there ya go!

    yaya, she is a little Casey Anthony lookin’ huh?

  12. Not to mention, Emily is probably blowing it out of proportion. Her “hot ass boots” are probably the same fucking boots that everyone in the world is wearing right now.

  13. Wouldn’t it be great if they were the same boots Kimberly’s mom is wearing?

  14. wtf is she trying to do with her mouth? that would even scare the shit out uncle Fester! biggest pout failure I’ve seen to date, and if thats a haircut shes proud of, she must have had some really shitty ones in the past. Its not the lei cramping her style, she’s cramping the lei’s style.

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