Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lame Ones

Lame Ones 1

Lame Ones 2

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  1. OMGeezie?

    now THAT is some excellent Lamebook.

  2. does it matter what the lame people think?
    this should have been for the fallen heroes who gave their life to make yours better!!!

  3. @Quitit
    Gotcha now. I was having quite a chuckle reading all that!
    I never heard of the wishing at 11:11 thing. Hence my own confusion!

  4. ^ hmmmm. how weird – must check user name when using someone else’s computer.

  5. FIRST!!!

  6. Damn, and I missed it? Someone remind me when it’s 12/12 please!

    In the meantime, it’s 2:14am – Friday the 13th (as I type this). So make a wish that you won’t have a very unlucky shitty day.

  7. OMGeezie? Are you fucking serious!?

  8. Ok 11/11 is rememberance day where we remember who faught for our country not for some dumbasses to make wishes that boys who don’t like them will ask them out. These people need to go to school facking idiots

  9. **fought
    … just saying…

  10. I hate how that fucking skank is putting a major strain on the family relationship.

  11. I’m surprised there aren’t any other Australians on this site…

    It isn’t uncommon for us to say “11/11/11” Or less common “11/11/11/11” for this day as World War II ‘officially’ ended at 11:11 on the 11th of November (for us, at least).

    Australia hold a minute silence at 11:11 for the ANZACs (Australian New Zealand Army Corp)

  12. To the Aussie – likewise with us Brits. Just to point out though it actually signifies the end of WWI (otherwise called Armistice day) not the end of WWII…

  13. What’s even lamer is this is fucking Remembrance Day (Vets day in the U.S.) I wish ingrateful punks would start observing it instead of wishing for high-heeled shoes.

  14. There’s a game that when ever the time is a triple of something you make a wish. They obviously did it with the date instead. There’s even a quote from a song by Juliana theory “The time is 2:22, I hope your wish comes true.”

  15. i agree with RL……people did make a wish… and it came true ww1 ended… dumb cunt… lets remember what veterans day is… its not about heels or someone asking someone else out… and she should be shot for saying OMGeezie… WTF BITCH.

  16. oh wow.. was that really appropriate ‘>.’? young punks these days.

  17. did you celebrate the minute of “jackass” on veterans day?

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