Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Language Lessons

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  1. By “normal human-language” she probably meant “stupid cum-dumpster jizz-bag speak”

  2. Jonathan has an f value of 1 because he’s a 1 and is definitely a virgin.

  3. What is an F-Score? Does she mean F as in failing an assignment? Or is she talking about the one that Jonathan meant? Or something else entirely?

  4. It’s probably the F-score from statistics.

  5. TL;DR

  6. I don’t get when someone says “TL;DR”. Do you think that we care whether or not you thought this was too long to read? Trust me we don’t.

  7. When you post “TL;DR”, especially as a comment to something that takes all of 30 seconds to read, you might as well post “I’m dumb” instead.

  8. “TL;DR” stems from the Twitter/FaceBook mentality. If people believe we give a shit about every little thing they do–the next logical step would be these same people would believe we care about everything they don’t do. If more people would simply–ah, wait–I just got a Kardashian update–gotta go!

  9. @dakpainter67 and Jonathan: tl;dr

  10. As dumb as ‘tl;dr’ may be, Jonathan could have been much funnier if he was succinct.

  11. vaginalroundhouse

    I read it and I thought it was somewhat clever. As for you tl;dr people, keep in mind that real work takes focus. Stay focused on your goal and you can achieve but like a previous post said we are in the age of twitter and facebook “likes.” God help us all on our future…..oh look a dog with a little tail!!!!

  12. what does TL;DR mean? I could google it, but ive looked at way too many of these not to have a voice. this is my voice. help me out kids, please? also, ms…chopslobbering/knobandfanny/vaginalfunguslicking/slabofmeatmydogwouldnttouch/dickdevoider…please go and “knobbleagobble”

    again, if it doesnt make sense, it wasnt me

  13. ^ tl;dr

  14. ^tldr

  15. ^ well played

  16. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    The F-Score (or F1-Score as it’s sometimes called) is a statistics thing, and is something to do with calculating margins of error.

  17. I stopped reading around here (The average person would have a L value) I’m slightly drunk, so i’m not really one to correct anothers grammer or spelling but… *A l value, come on, *AN L value, you tool!

  18. Actually, the use of the words “a” and “an” are based on the sound the beginning of a word has, not the letter specifically. That is why it is correct to say “an hour” not “a hour”. When pronouncing the letter “l” it sounds as if it beings with an e and this is why it’s appropriate to use “an” in the way it was used. Although your mistake is understandable and even though you may be a tad drunk please refrain from being a douchebag in the future.

  19. @villavanachos Surely perfectendinguk’s whole point is that Jonathan didn’t say ‘an L-value’; he said ‘a L-value’ which, as you’ve just pointed out, is wrong.

  20. Jonathan has an F-score of 0. He sounds like a real douche.

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