Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daddy Issues

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  1. Obvious fake is fake.

  2. cunt

  3. fake and boring

  4. That’s something my Dad would say. But instead of “Your mom.” It would say “Strippers”. And I would laugh. Kids are so uptight.

    But yeah. Probably fake.

  5. false and homosexual

  6. @yodawg. False, yes. But homosexual? Get a fucking grip.

  7. ^learn2meme

  8. Isn’t this lamebook? This was not on facebook. Stop with the funny text streams. There are other websites for that.

  9. shiiiiiiiiit, every now and again, i feel the need to comment, mostly cos i think my opinion is so much more valid than all of yours. but right now, its cos youre such a bunch of boring CUNTS. “Stop with the funny text streams”. If you dont like it, you can happily fuck off, correct? Seriously, if you dont like it, just fuck off, im enjoyin readin their posts, only criticism i could say is that lamebook doesnt do enough, their updates are too slow. ( WOOOOOOOO GO L/B) really tho…

  10. memes fucking suck.
    learn to express yourself as an individual.

  11. I like the text streams, they make me lol. is there an app for text streams or could lamebook add a text stream section?
    that is all. as you were.

  12. Happen, this did not.

  13. @yodawg meme doesn’t always mean worthy. Learn2think….

  14. ^cool story bro

  15. LOL well played yodawg,well played.

  16. ^Maybe if you’re a fucking retard.
    Oh…wait. You are.
    carry on.

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