Monday, December 5, 2011

Wow Mom

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  1. huh ?


  3. This Steever guy is as bad as McGruffy…

  4. 1. stfu, kid. You keep on being an iggerant racist, mom. It’s really cool.
    2. derrp. well done jake. I think mommy knows when your birthday was because she was there, doing all the work, when it happened. (Unless she was a belly-dancer – then she didn’t have to do very much work at all, apparently)
    3.Colour me *not surprised* that someone who answers to ‘Brandi’ has a sub-standard brain. Cunts who simply make shit up to ‘help’ the kiddies with their homework shouldn’t have kids. That kid would be better off with google for a parent.

  5. I think that Lamebook needs a Brandi section once a week.

  6. hootie the blowfish

    Why didn’t the kid just go to Google in the first place, even if his mother weren’t a fucking moron? I guess he’s a little young to be that resourceful, but Google has all the answers and requires less effort.

    Also, his mother is a fucking moron.

  7. Many first-graders can’t read more than “cat” and “dog”. The ones who can read at that age are not the ones with idiot parents.

  8. I’m pretty sure Abraham Lincoln wasn’t the 1st President of the United States or the 13th. He was the 16th President of the United States. So, no one in that family knows what they’re talking about.

  9. Does her mom like expensive hand bags

  10. idontknow; I could read before I entered school, but my mother is an absolute moron. Think Brandi times 200.

  11. Mariodragon wants my balls…
    haters gunna hate


  12. I think that the father is a bigger moron for ‘correcting’ the mother wrongly. I’m Australian, and I know that he was wrong (pretty much from crappy kids TV that I grew up on), so what the hell is wrong with him.

  13. I don’t see what’s so wrong with brandi’s status. Sure, she got it wrong, but is it really lamebook worthy?
    I wouldn’t have a clue who Australia’s first prime minister was.
    I do know that Lincoln was the one that freed the slaves and put the first nail in america’s coffin, but someone not knowing his rank in order of presidents isn’t all that bad.

  14. I do not participate in the imagining of other homo sapiens wanting to partake on my testicles Stever, I feel sorry that you have these strange fantasies. It’s sad this site has such a spam problem, I’m sure entrusting one or two individuals to periodically delete TOP CHRISTMAS GIFT and useless comments (such as this one) would help it on its way to greatness.

  15. Well, technically Lincoln was the 15th president because Andrew Jackson, the unofficial 7th president, was never elected president. Andrue Jackson was going to win the election but he was assasinated because he was black and his parents spelled his name wrong. Then Andrew Jackson was inserted in Andrue Jackson’s place. Martin Van Buren, the unofficial 8th president, is actually the 7th president.

  16. The problem, bradles (#13), is that she bothered to gibber to facebook about how she loves to give tongue-baths to windows. Instead of RTFM-ing.
    So, rather than say – “Damn honey, I don’t know, let’s look it up together, shall we?”, her choice to flat-out make shit up instead makes it most worthy of this discerning forum.

    As is your assertion to not know how to google “australia, first pm”

    My quick-fix to not look like a gurning idiot with your first breath?
    Read The Fucking Manual.

  17. I didn’t say I didnt know how to google it, I said I didn’t know the answer off the top of my head. As was the case with Brandi. She was asked who Lincoln was, and she thought he was president no. 1. She got it wrong, big deal. Not everyone has google at their finger tips.
    Get a fat cock up ya you whore. Sounds like you need one MsThorpe.

  18. bradles (#17,) You said, and I quote:- “I wouldn’t have a clue who Australia’s first prime minister was.

    So I gave you a clue *hintgooglehint* and then you proceeded to get all pissy and take it personally? Like, upset online?

    Cool. This is something I can totally get behind. However. You failed, whilst peering through the Red Mist, to actually grasp what I was trying to tell you which is this “If you don’t know something, why point out your idiocy? Fix it at the first available opportunity and don’t bore the world with your inanity.”
    The ambient levels of inanity hit critical a while back.

  19. A fat cock with warts , no puss filled warts. Bet that gets you excited hey MsAsswipe.

  20. sababe, I can feel your hate, pain and rage, you know.
    I’m touching myself.

  21. MsAnneThorpe (#18) I hope you get breast cancer and die slowly over a period of 8-10 years.

  22. I hope you feel better as a person now, bradles. Because you’re clearly morally and ethically superior to me.
    Nevertheless, even if I do get cancer, I hope YOU don’t live to see it, because I hope YOU die in a fire and screaming my name. This Christmas. With your favourite aunt. In flagrante delicto

    So there.

  23. I can’t take this sexual tension any more. Shall we cyber?

  24. I’ve already finished and wiped off on your curtains.
    Now either get me a beer or stfu and let me sleep.

  25. Aha! I got you. I wouldn’t fuck you with steeeevers dick. Insert random italics.
    That is the level of trolling I’ve come to expect from you. Get some rest bitchtits…

  26. Rape isn’t about what you want, idiot.
    I got mine.

  27. I will type like this so people will think im cool like Ms Ass AnneThrope

  28. ^ thinks I’m cool =)

  29. Of course NOT 🙂

  30. If we’re getting all quotey and pedantic, “I wouldn’t have a clue who Australia’s first prime minister was” is clearly different from “I wouldn’t have a clue how to find out who Australia’s first prime minister was”.

  31. Jesus fuck, if you kids don’t shut the hell up, I will turn this car around, and so help me, if I do, I will beat the everloving shit out of ALL of you! I don’t care who started it, I WILL FINISH IT!

  32. Really stupid people like this (you know, the ones who name their kids Storm, Destiny or trehysii [what’s wrong with Tracy?]) make me want to do a Michael Douglas in ‘Falling Down’

  33. MsAnneThrope, you are officially my hero. You’ve almost reached Helen Killer levels of trolling. Which is a good thing because she’s pure awesome sauce.

  34. this is awesome! Less italics and bold, though, please. I see it as code, and it’s like a cold shower just as I’m about to come

  35. There is no code, wandr.
    It’s all above board and legit.
    You see, the use of bold and italics is meant to help replicate the tone and inflection humans use as verbal cues to convey the richer subtext and nuance of meaning, as experienced in spoken language. This is missing from our modern text-based conversations and leads to frequent hilarious misunderstandings.
    Also, it is not as wet as using emoticons – which must only be used sarcastically in online forums.

  36. lexluther (#31) Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

  37. The hell you say

  38. not necessarily anonnymouse (#30), the key part of the phrase being: “I wouldn’t have a clue.”

    And he was right. He didn’t have a clue.

  39. MsAnne, love (and I mean that in the sincerest of ways, I’m a fan of anyone who gives me so much to read), I meant code as in . It shames me to say that, despite being a retard, I’ve entered, albeit unwillingly, the intelligent phone era. I supposed someone pitied me.
    That said, near the end, your conversation looked more like “
    I get wet on your wit”

    Cold shower

  40. DAMN YOU LB!!

    Fuck, it was not supposed to come out coded!

    I *AM* a retard

  41. It’s ok wandr. There is no shame in trying – DESPITE what Gen Y has been told.
    You have to ease these fuckers out of a flame war, or they go on for weeks. And then I get bored and wander off. No ONE ever won a flame war by getting bored and wandering off. The winning of a flame war is an important sociological victory, you know.
    The most effective way to neutralise a mouth-breather is through sexual subjugation. They are usually quite young, sexually naive and insecure, thus they have no way to respond to personalised vulgarity and will quickly switch off and go find a corner to sit in while they rock back-and-fro and hum tunelessly.
    It will take them a few days to muster the courage to check back here, by which time the general tone of conversation has vastly improved due to their abscess.

  42. *absence. hah
    fuck you, spellcheck.

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