Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mom Makes It Better

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  1. Bennifer!

  2. WTF MOM!! Hahaha I thought this was hillarous. And Aubrey if you’re going to put something in caps, MAKE SURE IT’S SPELL’T RIGHT.

  3. “His father is the same way and I would never make fun of him for it.” But she would post it on facebook for all to see!

  4. WTF MOM! That was pretty good.

    Yeah, now the whole world knows his dad/her husband has a crooked penis. However, I have heard that they are a lot more pleasurable. So I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


  6. I wonder if Thomas’ mom haves a crooked vagina.

  7. Thomas shouldn’t have replied, he made it worse.

    Thank god I don’t have Janet for a mother, oh my fuck!

  8. Momma’s boy. Saffer I agree with you…he shouldn’t just ended at his rant.

    Crooked cock= corkscrew shaped?

  9. I hear crooked ones hit the g-spot. But only if they curve the right direction. If they curve the wrong way then they just suck.
    Janet: ‘I would never make fun of my husband’s lame cock in public! Just in private! And I announce in public “Look, I COULD mock his cock, but I won’t!”‘
    If I cheated on my wife, my mom would definitely take her side.
    Also, if you cheat, your ex-gf has every right to publicly mock your tiny banana, sorry Thomas, that’s just the way it goes.

  10. should’ve* (not a real contraction..but I go with it.)

  11. Telling your son, his GF, and her entire facebook friends list ANYTHING about your husband’s cock = YOU LOSE. the kids that know that man do not need to know that and i’d be pissed if i’d ever met tom’s dad and then read that about him, or even met him after I read that. thanks janet.

    as for crooked dicks, i don’t know if they’re better or not. but i guess i don’t really care either.

  12. I can’t believe nobody haves pointed out Janet’s typo. It should read “ur a college women”.

  13. Teo, shouldn’t that be “collage women”?

  14. Um, I think you are all misinterpreting the term “crooked penis”. A crooked penis is one which commits unsavoury acts. Such as cheating on its owner’s girlfriend.

  15. “Thomas haves a crooked dick” sounds like a /b/ meme.

  16. Dammit Janet!

  17. lmao

  18. SweetZombieJeebus

    Agree with Keona, complete and total mammas boy.

  19. Heehee…okay this one made me smile. I’m less irate now.

  20. dirtylittlepretty

    I loled.

  21. It has to be the first time ever I see someone writing (or saying) “(he/she/it) haves”.

    The husband must be very amused about this…

  22. I dont know, maybe this could work in Thomas’s favour. Now all his female friends know that he has a “crooked penis” he has a valid and perfectly acceptable excuse to say… “Hey, you heard about my dick right, want to see it?” …… its a perverts dream!

  23. @idontknow..lol a collage is like some sort of scrapbooking or at least i belive so..i apoligixe in advance for spelling errors i’m a little tipsy..whom i kidding im drunk.

  24. I once heard of a penis so bent it turned back 180 degrees like an umbrella handle. (Penis pump mishap)

  25. This would be infinitely better if the Mum in question was Aubrey’s Mum, not Thomas’. That would teach her right, and confuse Thomas to no end.

    Sadly, that is not the case, and we must settle with this woman gratuitously revealing the bogus geometry of her husband’s man parts…

  26. I HAVES A CROOKED DICK. Along with a slightly askew nutsack.

  27. And I thought my mom embarrassed me.

  28. I think Janet hasn’t been around many college women lately because I’m pretty sure Aubrey is acting just like one. A college LADY, now, would never stoop to this. She would just take a picture of said crooked tool during their “goodbye sex” session. Then she would post fliers, send emails and texts to only her 600 closest friends. That’s how a true college lady would handle it. Facebook statues are so bourgeois.
    I miss college.

  29. lilly, you mean fb statuses are so proletariat, but i follow ya

  30. lilly for the win i bet thomas gets made fun of in the gym showers

  31. For the record, a friend of mine said she has the best sex of her life from a man with a bent penis.

  32. Certainly one of the best.

  33. Hahahahaha Thomas Thomas Thomas tisk tisk tisk

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