Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holy Crap

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  1. Fargis?

  2. Josh self-submitted.

  3. Just because it doesn’t have to do with Jesus doesn’t mean it’s not religious. So go fuck yourself. There are many a religious affiliation to Halloween on the lovely October 31st. I’m serious, I think lately I’m just really fucking irate and taking it out on lamebook.

    Fucking a man.

    I apologize for the blatant over reaction to third post. It just pissed me off.

  4. Blonde, the funny thing is that it is a Catholic holiday as well as a pagan holiday. Halloween coincides with samhain of course, but it is also All Hallows Eve. In the Catholic Church that is.

  5. Halloween, as celebrated with costumes and candy, is not a Catholic holiday whatsoever. No one is celebrating All Hallows’ Eve by dressing up as a slutty nurse.

  6. josh can’t even fucking spell “spelt”. and rachel is a dumbass. “halloween” is a christian holiday.

  7. Josh is a tool

  8. There are way too many sexy costumes for women out there, it’s ridiculous.

    I saw this year Sexy George Washington, Sexy Mental Hospital patient and Sexy Skunk.

  9. Also, Adrian is an idiot. Not every religion is necessarily even a theological one. Buddhism is more a philosophical thing for example, as well as Shintoism. Though Shintoism has specific gods it can incorporate pretty anything it darn well pleases, which is why there are even hybrid Buddhist and Shintoist religions. And religion is different than imaginary friends.

  10. Aries, I disagree. There are way too many NON-sexy costumes for women out there.

  11. @Mad2 lol, it’s hard to find a costume that isn’t just a sexy version of things which is cute and fine as long as it’s not overdone. Like the aforementioned examples. I mean seriously who looks at George washington and thinks, I can make that look sexier!

  12. jesus = zombie. officially.

  13. Aries, how could you change GW without making it sexier? I mean look at that guy. Not exactly blazing in the looks department.
    I guess what I’m saying is, everyone looks at him and thinks ‘I can make that look sexier!’ Hell, just put a woman in his clothes and right there it is much hotter.
    Also, just because there are some unnecessary sexy costumes, I stand by my earlier remark about there being too many non-sexy costumes for women.

  14. Someone needs to teach Rachel about google. It is much faster at answering inane questions than facebook and it doesn’t broadcast one’s idiocy.

  15. The candy or “treats” came from praying for someone on All Saints Eve. Poor folks would go house to house, asking for prayer cakes (like a big cookie) and then you tell them who you need help praying for. Kinda like Rent a Prayer, only you pay with cakes (treats).

  16. Spell’t? Twat. And he thought he was funny.

    There’s always room for more sexy costumes.

  17. I have a hard time taking in the fact that someone is actually spelling the first-person-singular pronoun “a” – but it does not surprise me that it’s happening on Facebook.

  18. @ #8 – sexy mental hospital patient. that’s 80% of the female population on a good day.

  19. My pantheon can kick your gods ass. Gangbang mofo.

    I proved on Halloween that ninjas beat pirates. I stabbed her good and plundered that booty.

  20. Sexy George Washington has been done already – Cindy Crawford on the first cover of George Magazine. The halloween industry is just 15 years behind.

  21. Speaking of sexy girls costumes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4rUiV_Hh74 LOL

  22. @Aries, Adrian is quoting Yasser Arafat. I highly doubt she’s aware of that fact, but that’s where that quote comes from.

  23. It’s been said a few times already, but, fucking a man, “spell’t”?!!
    I’m not going into the history of Halloween, or religions, except as far as the latter is concerned: Adrian, you can suck my two egg sacks…until you have sunny side up dripping out the side of your mouth.

  24. dirtylittlepretty

    you have two sacks?
    @Comments, damn right!

  25. Lol…perhaps one that’s split into two, as per usual.

  26. I’m keeping my literal

  27. ^^ c’mon lamebook not today 🙁 I’m not re-typing that!

  28. wow josh just because the poor woman got the wrong josh doesnt mean you had to pull a stunt like that. you just ruined your rep you will be known in your town as “that boy that told the semen joke to poor old miss edna” this is the exact reason i dont let any of my college mates be facebook friends cause im afraid theyll pull shit like this.

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