Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stand Up!

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  1. Wanker#1 meet Wanker#2.

  2. I guess I’m wanker #3, but what is “rascism”? Or is that how limeys spell it?

  3. #1: Well met, we should wank together somet… errr…

  4. A white person and a black person walk into a bar.
    They both say “owwww!”
    Repost if you like other jokes that have been around since God was a boy.

  5. >post racist status
    >pretend to be against racism
    I seriously hope you don’t do this.

  6. And #6 I wouldn’t call this ‘racist’, but I’ve never thought of black people as being black. More like tan or brown. I’ve also seen them with more of a reddish brown, and I’ve seen several with bad sun burns and it definitely isn’t pretty.

  7. what about when nigs get caught red-handed? hey? what about that?

  8. ^ Whoa there. You should know they can outrun anyone.

  9. -.-

    you can’t outrun justice.

  10. I agree Anne, justice has a fucking taser.

  11. Thanks Dana. I’m against both racism and illiteracy but I’m also against plagarism.

  12. Plagiarism*

  13. Anyone else over the correction of spelling posts?

  14. Is this reminiscent of that French poem “Polychromie”, or is just me?

  15. Is the above comment reminiscent of how much of a pretentious fuckhead you are, or am I just an asshole?

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