Monday, May 4, 2009

Let Decisiveness Ring


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  1. wow. the broadcasting of so much information that doesn’t need to be shared on facebook and the timeline and the–well, everything about every single individual post. lame on so many levels. this post is a winner. probably the lamest one i’ve ever seen on lamebook.

  2. i feel kinda bad for her.

  3. fuck that bitch, she’s prob going to get drunk and lose the ring anyways

  4. w00p

  5. If you have to explain how “amazing” of a person you are, then you suck.

  6. that….is…pathetic…

  7. Bipolar much?

  8. embarrassed as fuck

    what an embarrassment… i can barely make out her picture and can tell shes a walrus

  9. Dude this bitch is crazy if I was dating her I would hope my friends would have a intervention

  10. Wow, not only are Aggie traditions pretty lame but someone is actually dependent on them for their mental stability. That’s nuts.

  11. hahaha! very very lame… her poor boyfriend

  12. I hate that people feel the need to post their every move and mood on facebook…no one really cares that much.

  13. Texas A&M… this doesnt surprise me.

  14. oh I WILL tear you down.

  15. What’s a “ring dunk” please somebody? (I’m English so some of the stuff on lamebook is totally lost on me.)


    Aren’t I nice?

    ps – I’m English too, but I know how to use Google.

  17. Dannielle, you had me at “im an idiot”.

  18. Embarrassment to my school.

  19. A&M is an embarrassment to Texas. And this girl is an embarrassment to A&M

  20. Texas is an embarrassment in general.

  21. I could tear you down. It’d take about 3 minutes.

    Take your meds, you’ll feel fine.

  22. Go Aggies?

  23. One student doesn’t represent 50,000

  24. Texas Lame and M!

  25. Thought he was more of a NYU student.

  26. This could have been posted on lamebook for the fact that she’s an Aggie alone.

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