Saturday, May 2, 2009

Making Sweet, Sweet Lame



Things that I understand: You have been having “tantric sex” for 12 hours. You encourage others to have “tantric sex” because you obviously enjoy it. You offer helpful advice and your friends return it with a concern for your hydration.

Things I do not understand: Is your real name King or are you an actual king? The latter would make more sense due to the fact that you are having “tantric sex.” Next, 12 hours? Seriously? No one believes that. Also, what kind of girl lets you stop and update your facebook status during “tantric sex.”

I hope you are joking because nobody buys it. It’s lame. Congratulations.

♥ The Editors

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  1. wow.

  2. Technical question here…is it still sex if you’re typing away on Facebook? and if so, how do you know when you’re NOT having sex?

  3. This would be more lame if it weren’t just a copy of P. Diddy’s twitter.


    A: Not if you’re the only one in the room.

  5. This is obviously just some “funny” inside joke, albeit lame. I know from experience that it’s impossible to Tantric sex and Facebook at the same time.

  6. This reminds me of a guy I knew who posted every 30 minutes about this awesome party he was having and how wasted he was. If it’s so awesome, why are you logged into Facebook typing instead of enjoying it?

  7. That’s from Diddy’s facebook. His status is always something ridiculous from his Twitter.

  8. King should watch Go. “Tantra, baby!” I bet King’s all about “comin’ and goin’.”

  9. Vātsyāyana just died all over again.

  10. So now updating your FB status can be counted as sex? Whoa, Nelly….

  11. WOW, it’s completely impossible to have sex for 12 hours and not take a break in between ramming!

    Perhaps the girl is resting up and King’s bored. Bored enough to FB it, not bored enough to play with his wanker till girlie wakes up for more.

  12. Had tantric sex, Once. It went well over 14 hours, but there were a couple breaks for food and hydration. As far as I know, anyway, not only possible, but beyond words if you can survive it.

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