Saturday, May 2, 2009

List of Lame


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  1. …. Isn’t her dog named Mia?!

  2. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha

  3. beating up erika???

  4. omfg this is amazing AHAHAHAH

  5. Is a triscuit one and a half biscuits?

  6. Editor in Chieftess

    @ Marilyn, please tell me you aren’t serious.

    If you are, here’s some light on the subject:

    And I thought her dog’s name was Mia too. Anna needs a refresher in proper punctuation.

  7. perfidious_albion

    More of this God shite

  8. “making out with mia” is a code phrase for bulimia. The one triscuit is probably the only food she allows herself to have without throwing it up.

    For more info on eating disorders and the internet, look up phrases like “ana” and “mia”.

  9. It is so, so, so satisfying when you find a Lamebook post from a decade old ex-girlfriend… like finding buried treasure.

  10. she WOULD be a kappa. p.s. i love how she squeezes in “reading” in between “dance parties” and “kiss face,” whatever that is.

  11. Is it bad that I read this and laughed at the mention of facials and untucking?

  12. “Making bird noises”…. em. What??

  13. Please tell me she can’t be old enough to drink wine.

  14. she forgot to add “Taylor Swift”

  15. O my God this is so lame, like 5 on the Lamometre…!!

  16. The Scarlet Pimple

    Of COURSE she’s a Kappa Kappa Gorilla.

  17. Princess Bananahammock

    nothing more fun than making bird noises all the way down the hall to the bathroom and back…way to spend your time.

  18. Scarlett The Harlot

    @Princess Bananahammock – I dig the Friends reference.

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