Friday, May 1, 2009

U R Lame


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  1. Whip-its? Sucking on nitrous oxide? Man, that’s so cool.

  2. i don’t know what that is/am old/am totally not cool.

  3. he’s talking about a “whip” – a car – like how people would ride on wagons and whip horses….GOD when did you get so totally old???

  4. Thank you. A car is a whip!! & whoever put this obviously is in love with me.

  5. Obviously — because you are young and/or totally cool

  6. If you have to explain the “cool” word after you use it, You are obviously an idiot and only saying it to be cool.

    If ‘whip’ is a word in your actual vocabulary, you say it without even thinking that someone might not understand you. Therefore, this guy is a POSER.

  7. The only place i’ve ever heard a car be called a whip… is orangeville ontario.

  8. people that call other people poser’s are often poser’s themselves,in poser denial.

  9. people that dont know when to use apostrophe’s are the worst kind’s of poser’s.

  10. All too often, the comment threads on this site are more depressing than the actual entries.

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