Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let the Win Begin

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  1. poor Brian, not only going to work for AOL fifteen years after its “heyday” but first to comment on his own post.

  2. ^*Brendan… didn’t read carefully enough.
    Evan… dude… Facebook is NOT private… next time it won’t be a fine.
    Mike and Matthew… not sure who told you guys you were funny but they lied.
    Ayumi FTW.

  3. John, you fail harder than Jack

  4. @ # 3… don’t make it look so easy.

  5. Evan must be really rich.

  6. Ugh.

  7. Atleast Matthew made me =)

  8. A person under 21 can be fined for drinking? I thought only the provider would get in trouble.
    And is ‘Elizaveta’ some kind of Eastern European name I’ve never heard or is it some crazy made-up crap like Laqueefa?

  9. Elizaveta is a valid Slavic name. Spellings/transcriptions may differ.

  10. I think James needs a friend like Brian. And a punch in the face.

    Seriously, a joke about Rihanna getting hit? You comic fucking genius you, you original fucking hilarious comedian, you’re so fucking topical and up to date. While you’re at it why don’t you make a joke about how Michael Jackson’s growing obsession with plastic surgery is a bit strange, you fucking cockflute. I despise you.

  11. SweetZombieJeebus

    snort, cockflute FTW! I decree that cockflute be added along with ‘Asshat’ and ‘Fucktard’ as solid gold wins.

  12. Thao, you’ve got the right idea dude, but you forgot the Kleenex and Ben & Jerry’s. A $400 fine seems very high for that offense; it would be more suited for Matthew. Anyone who was halfway concentrating could see the burn he was about to make.
    Mike, I bet you’re a riot at kids’ parties, shooting your mouth off with those statements, poking fun at them. lol at the last two.
    @mad2 both parties get fined for it. The provider and the drinker.

  13. Nothing is lamer than liking your own comments, and screen shooting your own comments to submit to lamebook; well maybe the fact that lamebook posted it. (and Dan Fargis)

  14. I like Thao, I like a man with constructive solutions..

    cockflute definitely FTW 😀

  15. @MAD2 not only can a person under 21 be fined for drinking, then can be detained!

    @ ALL of Lamebook!

    THE FUCK! You people just imploded!!

  16. Uh.. guys. Thao’s a girl name. Just putting it out there.

  17. @John: Thanks! Even Liza admits that it was an easy target of a status, though.

    Some of these other “wins” aren’t as killer, though Thao’s is pretty spot-on as well as reasonable… I’d probably have suggested something similar. I suppose this means the Asian girls take this one…

  18. Meh these were all rubbish. Is there an opposite to lol? Because Matthew’s made me do it. And then we get to Hobo’s rant – cheered me up a bunch. Been missing those – that’s the best in ages man! Hobo FTW.

  19. @ curlybap – Try “un-lol”

    Agreed, once again Hobes saves the day, you goddamn crazy cockflute.

  20. Ayumi makes a very good point, some people do indeed find it difficult to enter a ladies velvet spunk bucket, if the old drought is on.

    This can very easily be avoided by fucking women underwater.

  21. Paranoid – it just doesn’t have that ring to it does it?

  22. nlol? (not laughing out loud) c.r.a.p? (comments really are pants) s.h.i.t? (so hilarious, it’s Twilight)

  23. hehe yup s.h.i.t’s my favourite. I’ll go with that 😀

  24. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I like the first one. My friend’s answer to every ailment in the world is ‘Lemsip and a wank’. Cures cancer apparently.

  25. Bahahahahahaha
    nlol = Lame
    c.r.a.p = ingenius
    s.h.i.t = so epic even hobo will have to laugh

  26. lorz, the fact that Thao is a girls name makes the first one several hundred times more amusing.

  27. the mods need to seriously do their research. there have constantly been posts that are just people’s statuses copying something from textsfromlastnight, etc. #3 o this one is from amirite. come on.

  28. Disappointing. These are so terrible it’s actually kind of painful to read.
    Painful, like #12’s cervix after her b/f is done playing hide the sausage.

  29. Sorry, my bad.

  30. What the fuck, mang, gubenooj. >_> Meh, I’ll take that insult, (if i was meant to be one) with a grain of salt. It’s all gravy.

  31. Or bad joke**

  32. LOL.
    Yeah, I’m Thao & I am a girl.
    When my friend showed me I was on Lamebook, I felt infinitely cooler, but seeing as I measured my awesomeness based on Lamebook standards, I instantly got infinitely lamer.

    Oh, the woes of life.

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