Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Put Out or Get Out

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  1. I think this guy is just being such a dick because they broke up and he’s bitter about it. I can’t believe he just did a bunch of things for her for sex. He’s probably not that much of a jerk in everyday life.

  2. Shit, if I could putz around the house all day doing fuck-all, I’d be boning my husband at least once a day. At LEAST.

  3. llllllllllllb – So true

  4. I give it two days before they’re back together, decorating the house and having absolutely no sex

  5. @Valenya – AMEN

  6. Wow, what a mess..

  7. ew. “if you don’t have sex your worthless as a human”

    the YOUR is almost as bad as the actual statement.

    i’m guessing Randy never uses condoms, then? or any other sort of birth control, with that fucked up logic.

    and HOLY WAFFLING batman! seems like randy changes sides every time he posts a comment.

    i agree with whoever it was up there that said jason needs a prostitute, not a girlfriend.

  8. @vmethod May I pretend to be Jason for you? I could go for a good BJ right now

  9. Jason doesn’t need a prostitute, he just needs a sexual girlfriend. It seems obvious, both from the above remarks and from experience, that such women exist. Angelina and Jason just lack sexual compatibility.
    Granted, Jason was an ass for expressing himself as he did, and it isn’t true that men only do nice things for women for sex. But if he hadn’t had such blue balls he might have been able to think straight and not been a total douche.
    And here’s one question: has he ever tried seducing her instead of just ‘buying her sexy outfits?’
    Shin, I’m guessing with that fucked up logic, Randy just never uses brain cells, never mind condoms.

  10. @Keona…whatever you did, I didn’t notice. So…apology accepted?

  11. @Valenya you’re totally right. And who tries on 4 sexy outfits for their man and then doesn’t give them a bit!! That is a tease.

  12. Jason is going about this all wrong.

    A simple unwashed cock in his ladies mouth whilst sleeping will do the trick. It works like aversion therapy, lady wakes up with mouthful of male condiment, lady initially feigns shock, lady craves cum…simple.

  13. Jason is Wallace.

  14. Angelina seems like a waster and pain in the arse. GET A JOB.
    However, Jason is a complete tit.

    Working up your man with sexy outfits and not fucking him? That’s just cruel.

  15. Imamofo that could always backfire tho lol

    The real douchebags are the friends commentating on a obviously explosive situation.

  16. Just a bunch of morons with zero empathy and maturity. Relationship talks shouldn’t be made public, but ah well, let’s add “stupidity” to the list…

  17. I think Jason is in his right to spew out all that shit. I mean she called him out with her holier than thou stating the reasons why I won’t go out with you anymore on facebook… you better be prepared for some flame war. If I was Jason and I did all the things he says he’s done for her (and I have reason to believe they were all true since Angelina never refuted them or called him on the lie) and my girlfriend dumps me with some facebook status calling me a perv when all I want is a good fuck? Yeah I’m gonna call you out on your stingy ass for getting pampered, I guess she really didn’t see a problem with him when he was buying her crap but ooh noo wanting more sex is just too much.

  18. As much as everyone wants to bash Jason you can’t argue with Rodo on that one.

    Unless you say he should of just shut up and let it be.

  19. Well Jason sounds like a real winner, but …

    I hear girls in their late teens and early 20’s saying a guy is “pervy” all the time when he’s doing something totally normal. News flash, girls: guys like to look at boobs. That’s not “pervy”.

    I overheard this girl a few months ago saying she’d been at the college track and a guy asked her if she was on the team because she had great legs. She was indignant and called him a perv. I guess she didn’t think he was cute, because that seems to make the difference between “pervy” and complimentary.

    I don’t particularly want some guy to come up to me and say “hey baby nice ass”, but it’s not PERVERTED.

  20. I can understand doing nice things for someone and then the boyfriend expecting SOME sex for it.. but EVERYDAY?? are you kidding?? my boyfriend and I are perfectly happy and we have sex about 3 times a week. wouldnt my vagina be the size of wisconsin if we did it, not only ONCE a day, but 10 times a day!?!?! WTF?!

    Jason needs to get himself a good ol’ fashioned hooker for a girlfriend. He could be her pimp and make some dollabillz on the side when he’s worn out from fucking (what he apparently thinks) should be 24/7.

  21. looking back, I can’t tell you why I chose Wisconsin.. I suppose it’s a fairly moderately sized state? And cheesy!

  22. Shutit, no, once per day would leave your vagina just fine. Plenty of girls dildo/get fucked at least once a day. I’m sure Jason would be fine with just a strip and blowjob some days too.

  23. Jason seriously expects going to Party City and getting a pumpkin to be an aphrodisiac? Seriously? Dammit man, just buy her a romance novel. Or check one out from the library – that’s free.

  24. Jason is an asshole.
    I don’t agree that Angelina or whatever her name is should live off his dime, but his attitude leaves a lot to be desired. He even makes the point of her offering it WHEN he wants it, not WHEN he’s working. Meaning she does give it up at least some of the time.
    I mean…the douche works from home…so what if he’s working? Drop some trou and go at it when your gf is offering it up. Damn whiny little bitch.

  25. oops my bad. I just noticed he didn’t say when she offers it up.

    Ten times a day or whatever he’s asking for is ridiculous though. I can’t even fathom it. Talk about infection city for her if that was the case.

  26. Does anybody else want their life back after reading that?

  27. So Jason buys his girlfriend sexy outfits and makes her try them on, then gets turned on because she looks hot, and becomes infuriated when she doesn’t strip off and do a backflip onto his wang. Hmm….maybe she just didn’t want to be violated by a manipulative predator?

  28. Jason is right- women expect the world and want the security etc etc, but when they decide they are done having sex, they are done. That’s why you should have a lil’ sumthin on the side. As for Dee-lite- you, madam, are an idiot. if you expect your man to buy you sexy outfits you should expect that he wants to see you in them and then watch them fall to the floor. Guess your butch-lesbian lover likes seeing you in baggy flannel shirts and overalls.

  29. Besides the fact that Jason is an asshole, I honestly don’t know what Angelina’s problem is. Jason bought her outfits and did all that shit for her and shes crying about it because all he wants is sex? Seriously, send the dude to me, he can buy me shit loads of clothes, shoes and whatever else I want, buy food, pay the bills and work from home and later on tonight and times in between we can fuck. I don’t see the downside on that.

  30. The really sad thing is, they’re probably still together after all that dramatic bullshit. *sigh*

  31. any girl worth her salt should know, that the place a guy likes to see his girlfriend’s sexy lingerie is around her ankles


  32. i dont understand this, i’ve always found men can’t have as much sex as women would like..

  33. so.. i wonder how many brain cells i have just misplaced? i’m thinking most of them. dammit.

  34. Gonzalo’s got the right idea.

  35. Okay, if jason wanted other people or whatever then that is kind of bullshit… and him sayin that guys do everything for sex, bullshit too. But beyond that, I sympathize with him completely. Girls who bitch constantly and bother you while you’re at work all the time and they don’t get a job and expect you to pay for everything and then don’t put out regularly… been there done that its bullshit. Its like god damn, woman, I’m not bein a sweetheart because you’re always a bitch whether I’m a sweetheart or not AND you barely ever get out. Go get a job and a better attitude and spend your own damned money on that sexy ass lingerie you want but almost never wear for me and get the fuck out of my face

  36. Vincent_Valentine


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