Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let’s Go!

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  1. By now, everyone should know that greenpeace are behind that website…

  2. In the famous word of the T1000, “FAKE”. Although I genuinely saddened to learn the truth.

  3. ^Correct.

  4. Funny regardless. I especially like the one that says, “We still haven’t noticed we are being trolled.”

  5. ^yeah, me too.

    Well done to Greenpeace.

  6. I like the one about the crippled orphans.
    who gives a fuck if it’s real or not? – it’s real to me.

  7. lol. The orphans one was funny!

  8. Sad. Very sad.

  9. BorderlineDane

    Shel got burned
    wish i cut put in a photo here, with an oilrig burning

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