Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spoiler Alert!

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  1. I need to make friends with Mike. He’s rolling in the dough!

  2. Mike is magic and fake.

  3. “da hole movie.” No, I’m pretty sure Batman wasn’t in the movie Holes.

  4. I have a feeling (and hope) that Mike is kidding…

  5. I like Mike.

  6. I hate it when people use derogative terms such as the N word. I once had a black friend. We hung around all the time. Drinking ice tea, shopping at our local fabric store, buying hand-picked cotton shirts, and overall just having a cracking time. He was a large, deep dark man; at least 6’5″. He had a beautiful caucasion wife and a good home. They beat social norms and we’re happy together. He was whipped though. She never let him do anything with us boys; no drinking, smoking, circle-jerking, none! Anytime he got away, we always would treat him nicely. We once got him chains! His wife loved the role play. Any hoot, stop using the bad word because it has no significance anymore.

  7. Not surprised he was out picking cotton

  8. Mike may have been kidding about the movie being “spoilt” – because he’s a hilarious young man – but I reckon that’s how he normally talks. And spells.

  9. Hank, you should totally write a blog. And not bore us here.

  10. hank should totally throw himself in front of a fucking freight train, and get that shit over with.
    what a stupid cunt.

  11. I don’t think anybody here understands the concept of irony. Which is pretty ironic really…

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