Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let’s Learn About Each Other

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  1. Lamebook followed up Russell & Tom’s post with an ad for “Naturally Mutated Cows” with a picture of a huge cows ass…seemed appropriate.

  2. I’ve had that happen to me Ali, it’s very disappointing when it’s cut short like that.

  3. kailyn should consider that a vaginamon would most likely be female…

  4. Ouch… they seriously never even got it in word?

  5. Kailyn was hacked, i suppose.

  6. LOL Smartie. Good point.

    And if you see someone with a sore on their mouth, do you immediately jump to herpes. I never have…..sheesh…I’m so naive.

  7. Why do women care if a man finishes early? It’s a compliment! And it’s not like there aren’t other parts that can be used while the little pumpkin head is recovering.

  8. Yay for Vaginas!

  9. Unfortunately, yes slim, the train blew its whistle way before reaching its destination.

  10. You have a pumpkin head? One of the big pumpkins? Or a pie pumpkin?

  11. word… was he chanting “I think I can, I think I can”?

  12. mc, there’s early and there’s premature.

  13. No ee, more like, “don’t think I can”.

  14. I was going for wishful thinking. lol!

  15. Is anyone else curious about what the “murderer” did? I mean, logic suggests he killed someone, but what if there’s more to it than that? I hate posts like this. Why can’t we see just a little bit more of the conversation? I bet it got good.

  16. Kailyn’s is definately facebook rape – she just has some funny friends.

  17. @ mcowles

    Compliment a womens looks, buy her stuff and please her in bed… Dont buy her looks, compliment her in bed and please her stuff

  18. Or wait… maybe that does work :/

  19. um…i like my stuff to be pleased.

  20. Facebook rape or not, I laughed at Vaginamon!

  21. UncreativeUsername

    why would vaginamon be a dude?

  22. @ 21

    if he were Jamaican, it’d be a dude.

  23. i’m gonna stop coming to this site if you continue to make me click on links to see more pics and put only 2/3 things on each page for more clicks…i abandoned peopleofwalmart for the same thing…watch what you are doing clowns.

  24. I like to be stuffed… please.

  25. Hahahaha! Kailyn was fraped!

  26. Ali’s a bitch. Who the hell tells that? :S
    I’m assuming Gabe and Lauren are just joking around, though.

  27. Didn’t Dave Chappelle once say that it’s never premature? “As far as I’m concerned it happened at exactly the right time.” (paraphrased)

  28. I want to hear more about Vagina’s rock. Seems like Kailyn was rudely interrupted before regaling us with pertinent tales of this item.

  29. @ mcowles, there is nothing about statement #7 that is not covered in awesomesauce. Little pumpkin head, ahaha!

    I’ll have to think of ways to work that phrase, and vaginamon into my conversation today. There may be repercussions, but it will totally be worth it.

  30. @slimjayz – Maybe it’s: Don’t please her looks, buy her in bed, and compliment her stuff.

  31. @ #7 mcowles: Dude pumpkins are orange….wtf is wrong with your dick?

  32. @Spanka – He eats Cheetos and masturbates.

  33. eating too many carrots can make your skin turn orange, β-carotene, its the same stuff they use in margarine to turn it yellow.

  34. Maybe he uses the Cheetos to masterbate?

  35. Cheetos + Porn = Pumpkin Head

  36. Well what does Salt ‘n vinigar chips + porn =?

  37. A tangy wangy?

  38. lol @ soup.

  39. I love chips and I love cock… Spanka, you just gave me a great idea!

  40. Yes ee, you should combine 2 of your great loves, and then you could have a chip off the old cock so to speak.

  41. lol word! I always frown when I pitch the crumb filled bad away, thinking what a waste it is. Now I will have a use for those tiny little savoring morsels of yummy goodness. Yummy!

  42. Crumbs in the bed are never a good thing ee, but if you can turn it into a positive, go forth.
    I was attempting a stupid pun, it’s Friday afternoon here and I’m letting loose for the weekend.
    Hoping for a good and lucky one!

  43. Here’s to your and your good and lucky weekend!

  44. lol

  45. @ wordpervert “chip off the old cock” made me laugh!

  46. eenerbl , over here we call it a little P&P

    pringles and porn …

  47. Tom is a douche

  48. Lucky gudgud weekend.

  49. It was indeed, nash.

  50. pearls-before-swine

    I feel a little saddened by the fact that I initially thought Ali’s post was referring to a literal taco that someone just really, REALLY liked.


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