Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shouldn’t Have Asked…

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  1. $10 says Jennys fat… Just saying..

  2. damn tl;dr

  3. hahaha i just noticed lamedownunder’s comment… yeah i bet she’s fat.

  4. Hey, Jenny: obsess much??

  5. Haha I bet Laura regrets her slightly witty post..

    I am so going to go home after work and try to rap this) 😉

  6. @Jenny T:

    Chill your bush, woman.

  7. someone has probably already mentioned this but i’m too damn lazy to go back and read all the comments but:

    I know this is besides the point but um, Jenny, Disney didn’t write the Cinderella story. That story was around at least a hundred years or more before Walt Disney was even born….but way to rant about a fictional shoe.

  8. wow…just…wow.
    way to freak out over someones silly comment about a shoe. that jenny needs to take a whole damn bottle of chill pills

  9. Jenny has given that question a little too much consideration.. I think she has sat on that for a while.

  10. Three words into her comment, I knew it wasn’t worth reading. Disney didn’t write every single fairytale, girl.

  11. I’m wondering if it’s a ‘big-ass tease’ or a ‘big ass-tease’ for little girls… Er, that sentence looks worse in text than in my brain.

  12. Jenny had a sheltered childhood…

  13. The mother of all TLDRs

  14. lol

  15. C. Proseedcake KSC

    Jenny T. is my hero for caring so much. No one can accuse her of apathy at least.

  16. Lmfao!
    Bitter much?

  17. Okey dokey then

  18. Man will she be pissed when she finds out the original Ariel killed herself…

  19. @alproshazam Good call! i nearly spatt out a lung laughing when I read your post.

    btw. I wonder if she still bears a grudge for bambi’s mother?

  20. Oh, Jenny. Her angry, black heart is in the right place, sort of. I’m about to marry my prince charming however, and he’s a stand up kind of guy, so she can go fuck herself.

  21. Wow. Just wow. Somebody needs to visit some nice men in white lab coats…..

  22. I’m so glad I just read that.

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