Thursday, February 25, 2010

More & More Baby Mama Drama…

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  1. Louis FTW

  2. “Stop telling people that I’m dying”??


  3. It isn’t obvious at all that Stephanie prefers to spend that child support on herself…

  4. Louis, they’re called “condoms.”

  5. Neither of them can spell ‘swallow’. Family fail.

  6. Isn’t Lupus the default malady on House? Lost meets House via Cheaters.

  7. Wait. So a ripe vagina is a good thing??

  8. I like it raw

  9. @flaxv – sounds like a vagina that makes bad decisions to me…

  10. @flaxv. No- that’s disgusting. It’s the CERVIX you should nurture until it is ruddy and plump

  11. I don’t get it. Louis gets called out for being a selfish fucktard and ignoring his ‘baby mama’s’ and he just calmly ignores ’em?

    Jane’s a bitch xD

  12. Lol…
    Well whose going to dish out the money for the paternity testing?

    Obviously not Louis..
    So, why should he sweat it?

  13. lol @ Lily’s mom!

    Wow, Louis gets around!

  14. If Stephanie’s post is not sarcastic, then I hate that twatmonster. Queen Bee off of child support…go f**k yourself.

  15. Salamiflavoredspider

    It’s Finally a case of Lupus and House doesn’t get to diagnose it…. Burn on you House…

  16. Perhaps Chrissy and Heather should learn to go on birth control or shut their legs before letting dipshit Louis knock them up. He’s a moron for knocking two sluts up and they’re morons for letting him do it. And I’m sure all of us with jobs are paying for their kids.

  17. I think Louis has his priorities straight – Lost trumps all else.

  18. I just think it’s dumb to be FB friends with your baby mama/daddy.

  19. I can’t stop laughing that he’s telling people she’s dying.

  20. Don’t have much to say about the post, but those deep fried insects in the second ad look appetising.

  21. @Word: What insects? My second advert is for ‘Roopkund the mysterious skeleton lake’, whatever that is. Mind you, the black guy in the photo looks like he’s dead chuffed with whatever he’s chosen to smoke… But I’m pretty sure it isn’t insects…

  22. Oh, my adverts changed on refreshing the page… Yummy deep-fried scorpions! *licks lips and heads off to the kitchen to warm up frying pan…*

  23. My personal favorite is “Why girls crop their photos” with a fat chick wearing a green and pink striped onesie taking a photo of herself in a mirror…

  24. And I only have “awesome accidents photos”. lol

  25. I’ve now got 2 gals in sexy lingerie in front of their boyfriend’s computer, with an ad claiming how you can check what is on there.

  26. Truly, the ads are funny. Definitely worth the refresh.

  27. I’ve just refreshed and got “Amusements of North Korea”. Is it so wrong to laugh? The ads are definitely worth it…

  28. 10 Dark Depictions Of Mario And Luigi? That’s interesting.

  29. 8 Ways to Kill An Idea 🙂

  30. damn ad blocker… I want to see 10 dark ways that lingerie-wearing mario and luigi eat fried scorpions in north korea and crop out any overweight asian women in the background!

  31. I don’t think you need the ads have immagination.

  32. seconded.

  33. (which is just like

  34. mc, love you.

  35. mcowles FTW. Sir, I take my hat off to you. Now, does anyone have any paper towels? I’ve just laughed so hard a little bit of pee came out…

  36. I can’t rely on my own mind to come up with pictures… do you have any idea what goes on in there? It’s some scary shit.

    wordpervert, you say that to all the guys 🙁

    @blue, paper towels are too rough-rough for your good-good… you don’t want it to turn raw-raw, right-right? (at least not due to wiping with Bounty)

  37. Aye, there’s the rub(-rub?)

  38. Louis = Loser

  39. I really don’t see the issue with the second one.. What am I missing?

    It is nice to see that Heather, Chrissy and Louis all get along so well in their fucked up little situation.

  40. Dilysin, you don’t think it’s a little too personal of a subject to discuss on her status?

  41. Not true mc, but I sure do have my faves.

  42. Nothing is personal once you get to 37 weeks..

  43. Wait, what’s wrong with Nicole’s?
    I’m 37 weeks (and 2 days) now, and if I don’t post some sort of update at least every 3 days or so, I get wall posts going, “Is it time yet?”

  44. But.. it’s NEVER Lupus! .. I’m confused.

  45. whatnot, you took the words right out of my mouth…

  46. Lupus is one of those diseases Americans invented just so that they’d have another reference on their TV programs that British viewers don’t get, along mith matsa balls and cooties.

  47. lupus is the most painful thing i could ever imagine… and we ARE dying. lupus = slow death. poor girl is in denial.

  48. Does no one think that #2 is on here because the reply talks about using prim rose oil to help make her cervix ripen?

    I see a lot of people defending the status itself, saying it’s fine to talk about being 37 1/2 weeks pregant and going about the day… but I doubt that has anything to do with the choice here.

  49. @mcowles
    Eh, but that’s still..not that bad? I’ve seen worse. Actually, I’ve posted worse. I’m amazed I’m not on here, yet. I was begging my friends to reach in and grab her last week, cause contractions were getting painful, haha. xD

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