Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let’s See What You’re Made of…

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  1. Psst…dc. ^ Not any funnier the second time around.

  2. HA! I don’t mind taking a dip in the red river, but i’ll never ever drink from it.

    Beatus I think you’ve got a point, sad that it managed to make me sound so selfish though.

    Sorry Bacchante, it was more to get a point across to BenLaden who insulted me a few weeks back, you’ll understand.

  3. Psst…bacchante, crawl out from Ms’ asshole…we wouldn’t want you to suffocate, now do we?

  4. Heh…Human centipede Pt 3?

  5. the human centipede wouldn’t work here at all. there is too much shit for anyone to swallow.

  6. Only one way to find out. That film would have been so much better if there’d been about 7 people sewn together to create one big circle. So everyone was ass-mouth.

  7. ^only 7? I could think of a few more.

  8. Yeah, sababe, because you’re going to convince us all how funny that “joke” from damagecontrol was… and how is was worth repeating. Right?

    MsAnne is old enough and ugly enough to look after himself – what I have a problem with is unfunny, repetitive shit. And that obviously includes you.

  9. #252 when did i insult you a few weeks back? i don’t even remember what i said… z0mg

  10. oh and virgin and proud of it

  11. ^ We know.

    What the fuck is a “zomg”? I refuse to google that shit because I just know it’s some sort of cuntish little term thought up by some backwards Beeber loving prissy teenage boy with questions about his own sexuality. With a meaning laid out that only like minded, spoiled children will use.

  12. A Zomg, pronounced “zom-gee”, is a long-dead acronym that doesn’t actually mean anything, but keeps going because it is tenacious and too stupid to know when to quit. It was originally created in a typing accident involving a lightning strike, a dead body and a missed shift key. The best way to rid oneself of a Zomg is to shoot it in the head, or failing that, to set it on fire and run.

  13. Thanks, Jeffles. That actually explains a lot about benladen.

  14. it’s Bieber not Beeber

  15. ^ Only you would know.

  16. Benladen, how old are you? Because it’s going to make a big difference in the reply I give you from now on.

  17. Like it’s even going to matter what I say. You won’t be able to believe me if I say 13 or 25 or 48 for that matter.

  18. … You’re 12, aren’t you?
    Sorry guys, sex with him counts as statuatory rape.

  19. Laila, I’m surprised you would even consider it no matter what age.

  20. Sex with internet people? Yeah, you’re right, that sounds disgusting.

  21. I’m wearing a backwards baseball cap and baggy clothes. Think I’m a black man? No you racist, I’m a white woman

  22. Non-sequiter as that was, telling us you’re a woman with that fashion sense is not improving our opinion of you.

  23. ^ True that.

    benladen, I will admit to having assumed that you were male because of your user name, but why would you assume that we would assume that you were black because of the gangsta clothes? Douches come in all creeds and colours. Who’s the racist here?

    Also, could you slightly change your user name once you’ve popped your cherry? That will make me smile.

  24. ^ “She” should change it to “Kumabenladen”.

  25. benladen #271 is an obscure quote from the office

  26. that’s some stylish trolln’, benladen.

  27. and Bacchante assuming i’m a guy based off of my username, is assuming that i think it’s a good idea to use my full name in a username. which is adequate thinking

  28. Obviously I didn’t think Ben Laden was your real name, just that Ben was mostly likely your first name and you were… ah, just forget it, alright.

    What am I even still doing here?

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