Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let’s Share!

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  1. #1. o.k. Savannah. we’ll get onto that for you – where do you live?
    Wish fullfillment aside, You’re Not Jesus. Your parents had sex and you were conceived, you histrionic little shit. And the kitchen table seems as good a place as any. Have some appreciation for your privileged life and thank your fucking lucky stars it wasn’t a Viet Kong rape camp.

    #2. Lauren. Your grandad is fucking terrifying. What kind of Ed Gein ‘forgets’ he has a dead dog in a box? For 30 years?
    Get the police to bring cadaver dogs to that ‘machine shed’.

    #3. Bullshit. you WISHED you saw a load of midget porn so that you could have something to say. Not that you let that wee detail stop you.

  2. Know many people who’ve been conceived in a Viet Kong rape camp Ms? Rough day in the office huh?

    Anyway, i’d be pretty mortified, as I think most people would…if their parents started up about how they were conceived, we all know that our parents had sex, but doesn’t mean we have to enjoy the thought…just you? 😉 But no, the worst bit is making it fucking public on faceyb, causing even more humiliation for all concerned. You fucking bint, Savannah.

  3. Poll:

    Do MsAnneThrope have a life? Commenting on Lamebook regularly does not count.

  4. He either do or he don’t

  5. Whoa, MsAnneThrope needs to realize that lamebook is used for comedic purposes but before she does that she needs to get the tampon out of her ass.

  6. So, that bit kong camp things is stupid, unless your trying to say they were anally conceived, because all US POWs in Vietnam were men. Women weren’t, and still aren’t today, allowed to fight front lines

  7. Kablaam, yes, but when Lamebook stops being funny, then you can expect the horrible cunts to come out of the woodwork…hence ms…bravo anthrope!!!

  8. Ms, why should she be grateful for her life? Her life might suck. Just because it isn’t as bad as it could possibly doesn’t make it good. You’re the kind of bitch who would tell a person in a North Korean rape camp ‘Be grateful for your life because you aren’t actively on fire right now.’

  9. Or perhaps ‘Be grateful for your life because you’ve only been gangraped fifty times instead of fifty one.’

  10. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Those are two pretty valid things to be grateful about Mad2.

  11. ThatGermanGirlLisa

    yodawg: “Do MsAnneThrope have a life?”

    I should think so. These are the smartest, most intelligent comments I ever saw on a site like this (of which we know there are many).

    This page proves that there ARE women on the internet. Smart and funny ones, too. And I bet we´re not all too ugly. At least not too ugly for you guys fapping at a blurred picture of our buttcracks.

    You girls made my day!

  12. Hey, mad2physicist, how did my Viet kong rape camp end up in North Korea?
    And, really, ziggy? “US POWs in Vietnam were men. Women weren’t, and still aren’t today, allowed to fight front line“?
    While that is some fascinating shit, it has FUCKING ZERO to do with what I said. Put down the crack pipe and pay attention.

    and once again – all the retards come out, overbites chattering like rabid monkeys, personally butthurt to living fuck about something I said – but not really sure what, or where to start – so they just bleat bullshit.

    I know Kablaam, ziggy321 & crustylovelips are too developmentally delayed to understand quite what their comments say about their complete lack of insight, but it didn’t stop me snorting in derision.

    also – great fucking poll, yodawg. You should consider getting the fuck off my internet.

  13. ^Your trolling is more hardcore than my porn. Midget porn, actually.

  14. Hey, how can I get a camp counsellor job at a Rape Camp? I’ve been looking for something to do next summer.

  15. ^craigslist, I should suppose. And that would give it a degree of legitimacy, too.

  16. msanrgripes a chick?

  17. You people wonder about each others’ penises (or lack thereof) as much as a 16 year old wonders about Lady Gag’s package (typo intended)

  18. lots of internet penis wagging going on here

  19. Poll:

    Whose penis is bigger? MsAssThrope or Bacchante’s 3 year old nephew?

  20. * Bacchante’s 3 year old nephew Lady Gaga?

  21. Ms thrope, i want to gang rape your face. Not cos i dont like you, cos i think youre hot

  22. Since MsCrankpantsAnneThrope called me developmentally delayed, all I can say is that I hope she gets over her period. Ya know, because i’m to slow to come up with anything else.

  23. If you think she’s hot, why would you want to share her with the rest of the gang?

  24. Wow. You really felt compelled to save your self image as these guys just ripped on your reality.

    How is it every time you try to redeem yourself after crying trying to CSI their comments and how they relate to anything relevant, and then your heads so far up your ass, you don’t realise you have said nothing relevant to anything being posted and in return cry and blame society.

  25. I always got taught to share

  26. It’s ok if you didn’t get taught that Beatus, you can go right after me.

  27. Thanks, Crusty.

  28. I think Savannah has a point. It’d fuck me up for life if my parents made me watch “Glee.”

  29. MAP is a dude. “you pack of Muppets!”

  30. If she watches Glee, then no wonder that she’s shocked to hear about her conception’s geography! At the same time, don’t you get teary-eyed about such unexpected prudish comment considering the youth of today?

  31. “just so rudely”… that’s the best part of the post!

  32. Okay. I’m the one that uploaded Savannah’s status to Lamebook. I just wanted to say, you are all HORRIBLE. I would have never uploaded it if I had thought such horrible human beings would comment on this. (inb4 “welcome to the internet trolol”) Seriously. Vannah’s a friend of mine and she posted it thinking she’d get a chuckle, which she did. No she’s not “ungrateful”. How did you look so damn deep into it? Jesus Christ, get a life. I don’t want to know where MY parents were when I was conceived, it’s fucking nasty. Seriously, Ms.AnneThrop, get a fucking hobby other than sounding like a sniveling little stuck up bitch on the internet. How pathetic your life must be that you get your jollies out of insulting people for no reason. And she’s not a kid. She’s 18, TickleBone.

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