Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well Done!

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  1. Tess self submission. get on your hands and knees whore

  2. I thought Tess was pretty funny. Noone wants to read that philosophic bullshit on their newsfeeds.

  3. Actually, Tess’s is from a Canadian PSA from the 90’s that’s recently been put back on the air. It shows a bunch of kids doing weird talents.

  4. Luke didn’t detect the destruction of Alderaan, Obi Wan did.

    Nice try Aly you dickhead.

  5. gonzo – weren’t they both Jedi? Who’s the dickhead now?

  6. Are you arguing over Star Wars? You’re both dickheads.

  7. @Rubert
    To quote the indomitable Darth Vader, “The force is with with you young Skywalker, but you’re not a Jedi yet”
    To be fair, he was a Force sensitive but he wasn’t very good at the Force yet.

  8. Fair enough, and he was being distracted by a snog.

  9. Rubert

    ObiWan didn’t kiss his sister.

    So it’s you.

  10. Quintessential baloney today

  11. lol That is to funny, It’s a joke c:
    Hence why someone posted my status here.
    Dickhead, lol that’s cute.

  12. 1) Gonzo and Lex are spot-on.

    2) Obi-Wan MIGHT have kissed his sister. Who knows? Maybe that’s just what Jedi do.

    “You have much to learn, young padawan.”


    “I was just talking to your sister. She says you kiss like a Kowakian monkey-lizard.”

    3) Arguing Star Wars doesn’t automatically make you a dickhead unless you bring up that damn 12 parsec thing like we haven’t all heard it already.

    By the way, Hi I’m new.

  13. c:

  14. “MUM! MUM! Aiden cut me in half again!”

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