Monday, September 27, 2010

Level Out

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  1. What a weirdo.

  2. 1st and 2nd xD sorry had to!!

  3. What’s weird about this?

  4. Well what’s so wrong about having sex with a pregnant woman? Would he prefer if she went and did it with someone else? This is assuming they are together and that it’s kid.

  5. his*

  6. That is wrong on so many levels. SO many levels. That’s a lot of levels. And they’re all wrong!

  7. I often draw T.V’s onto pregnant ladies fully rounded, distended stomachs.

    That way when i’m grinding my love muscle into her it feels like i’m fucking a Teletubby.

  8. It is pretty safe and very common for people to have sex during pregnancy.

  9. I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to have sex when you’re pregnant. But, I heard it can cause labour to start (like in friends).
    Yes, I’m taking my knowledge from a tv show…

  10. I’m starting to get irritated with some phrases that in my opinion are being overworked, especially online. Examples include:

    “That is wrong on so many levels.”
    “Wow….Just wow.”

    They seem to be used by every smart-ass, psuedo-intellectual teenager with no real comment to make, just a desire to make their mark on someone else’s shit, or show off their mediocre cleverness.

    There. I feel better now.

  11. If I was his gf and had to go 6 months without sex, I’d be gone already.

  12. Wow…. just wow. By jimmity fuck, I’m a clever bastard aint I?

    I’m off to fuck a fatty just to make thequeen feel better. She had a dream y’know.

  13. When boning a baby maker I often refer to my cock as a ‘Baby Whisk.’

    Women, I have found, think it’s sexy if you have a pet name for your genitals.

  14. @8
    Nooooooo, Really ???
    Thanks for enlightening us.
    Hey, I’ve heard some people say it’s also quite common for people to have sex before pregnancy.
    Would you know something about that too?

  15. More levels than fucking Inception.

    I am genuinely wondering how sex with a pregnant girl is wrong on ‘so many levels’. I can think of… zero.

  16. @#9- sorry, but Friends lied to you 😛
    Well I guess maybe it can cause labor if you are like 9 months into it.. I don’t know either xD
    But barely into the third trimester?

    That’s not strange at all.
    Besides, chicks who are preggo have hormones raging, and are horny a whole lot..
    Take advantage of it, Byrce, once the baby comes, the chances of sex will go down a whole lot!

  17. That dumbass better have sex with his poor, horny girlfriend.

  18. Me personally?……I would do your girlfriend….where does she live?

  19. I had sex alll the time when I was pregnant. It makes some women like 10x hornier. My fiance didn’t think it was weird.

  20. There’s also another advantage to having sex with a pregnant chick.

    Barring STD’s no birth control needed.

  21. I’m feeling if I were his girlfriend I would not be overjoyed at him taking a Facebook poll on screwing me…but at the same time if it got me some…I might be willing to overlook it. It ain’t like people don’t know they’re screwing…proof’s right under her shirt. I’d be more embarrassed I guess for him, a man denying a woman sex…that’s pretty sad business.

  22. Oy. No, it’s not wrong. It may however be a moot point; the invitation will most likely be repealed when she finds out you were being a weenie about it to all your FB pals.

  23. … It was the ménage et trois comment that was wrong, not having sex with a pregnant woman. You just have to choose your positions carefully so as to make her comfortable while boning.

  24. It makes me wonder how old this father-to-be is if he doesn’t realize it’s perfectly normal to have sex while pregnant. Woman don’t have sex for the sole purpose of procreation, we have needs to, even when we’re pregnant! What a knob.

  25. ^ It could be that he feels weird having sex while she is pregnant because his baby is inside her and then he is going to put his *woohaa* inside her. It’s a psychological thing, which is also very normal to feel weird about doing it.

  26. I think Ms. Buzzkillington has the correct explanation for this one

  27. Pregnant ladies still need it and come on you’re a man Bryce!! Take the hit and shag the poor woman. (Assuming it’s your goddamn kid)

  28. #25

    It’s only ‘normal’ if you think the baby is hanging out in the vaginal canal or your penis is banging around in the uterus.

    Aka, you’re young and/or uneducated on the subject.

    Which, sadly in this day and age, is the new ‘normal’.

  29. #16
    Friends didn’t lie. Sperm contains prostaglandins which help soften the cervix and ‘ripen’ for pre-labour, not only that but orgasm and nipple stimulation cause a rush of oxytocin from the woman’s pituitary gland, natures induction agent, and what pitocin (the drip used to induce labour) is created to mimic.
    It doesn’t always work, but sex can at least cause one or two decent contractions in the later stages of pregnancy, it always did for me from about 30 weeks +.
    Bryce, just bloody do her. She’s horny and hormonal; you’re lucky you managed to deny her long enough to log into facebook.

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