Monday, November 25, 2013

Life vs. Facebook Life

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  1. I love_I love Stever

    Fiiiirrrsssssttt!!!! I love I love Stever!!

  2. Your quest for lamebook domination will soon be complete Steve.

    Soon you will have the comments section all to yourself because everyone else will stop reading you self high-fiving all the time.

    It’s fucking stupid. Stop it.

  3. So not only does steever have a bitch, bit steever’s bitch has a bitch too? Quite a daisy chain you got going on there, eh?

  4. @#1…Fuckin’ Ayyyyyyyye Bob Marley! First AND Awesome, Playboy!

  5. ^ If police knock at your door, is the first thing you do is wipe your computer files?

  6. If you keep believing you are a duck riding a unicorn, it’s about time you go to a mental hospital!

  7. Half the excitement of lamebook is reading all the retarded comments. Good job guys.

  8. @Red Cage: Not really a daisy chain; more like a human centipede. A *willing* human centipede.

  9. Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever is the only reason anyone reads the comments.

  10. It must be a pain for Steeeeveeer to log in under all if these pseudonyms
    Stay tuned for, I love PeePeeHead and their merry men

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