Friday, February 10, 2012

Lil Tee

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  1. oh noes.

  2. I, for one, hadn’t seen it before and think it’s hilarious! Lil Tee’s flow can really hustle!

  3. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    I agree that whites are mutants. I myself am an Asian Supremacist. Heil Kimchi!

  4. ytmutation Oi Malcom fucking X stop your spurs from jingling and jangling! What you and the rest of the Black fucking Panthers call mutation the pillowcase wearing cunts who sit on the opposite side of the fence call evolution…

    Black folk can be just as fucking twisted as their white counterparts a fuckwit is a fuckwit no matter the colour of his skin… Idi Amin was a nice fella wasn’t he?!

    The top and bottom of it is you are coming across as a black man who has had a white cock in his bum and is pretty angry about it.. and I think that’s a little bit racist…and gay.

    You are still a man no matter where that mean whitey mutant touched you.

  5. heh…’man’

  6. anyone else notice ytfuckhisface has been saying thorpe instead of thrope?

  7. nope. i don’t pay him any attention – except to throw the occasional bucket of kerosene on him when he appears to be flagging.

  8. That there my friends is another fine example of our Cleveland Metro Schools Edamacation at its finast!!!!

  9. clydebruckmansfinalrepose

    YT: Oh, I get it, you are putting “MS” in parenthesis in attempt the imply that you don’t think MsAnneThrope is actually a “Ms.” How…clever.

  10. clydebruckmansfinalrepose

    “Heil Kimchi!” Typical Korean, hehe. 🙂

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