Thursday, February 9, 2012

Life’s Little Stories

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  1. Hickey contest.. That’s a new one, or am I living under a rock?

  2. under a rock. I’ll hickey you up a wall.

  3. I didn’t know guys had hickey contests on other dudes. Cool story.

  4. Hickey contest? That sounds intriguing. I need details.

  5. #1. Sarahh. Way to stand by your man.
    And seeing as we have no context as to why her ‘baby’ is currently incarcerated, I fear it would be little more than slander to venture an opinion.
    What I’d have to say would be slanderous, anyway.

    #2. Another reason why fatties are terrible, terrible, lumpen creatures. Imagine feeling awkward about that?
    Bitch has no soul.

    #3. Skye, Miles and David are all siblings. They live deep in the woods with their Alzheimer’s-riddled granny and are suffering from the early symptoms of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease, a singularly horrific affliction that will eventually kill them.
    But not soon enough.

  6. Did a report on that last one MsAnne. Some good shit

  7. MsAnne is correct about #1. Chance are, he is only there for standing up for human rights, namely our right to do drugs without interference from draconian fascists, and should be lauded as a grand example of civil disobedience.
    I don’t see anything wrong with #3.

  8. Just delete your “like” fattie

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Really? Concave tits don’t faze you at all Mad2?

  10. what do you mean ‘delete it’?!
    She should back it up by commenting ‘LMAO’.
    And then driving to the friend’s house and smashing their windows.

  11. They’re slightly convex, and there’s nothing wrong with small tits.

  12. Maybe she’s the one in jail and it really is her baby she’s about to get a visit from (brought in by grandma or something). Trash has its own bouquet of distinct flavors.

  13. mad2physicist, you sound like a woman with small tits.

  14. ^*a woman with small tits who enjoys hosting hickey competitions on them.

  15. way to display hickeys with class….make it a contest…..*sigh*

  16. Apart from the gender, you’ve described me precisely, masked.

  17. Boobs.

  18. Hickey contests are stupid. Orgasm contests, now we’re talking.

  19. ^ first person to finish loses.

  20. Dear Lamebook,

    People have relationships with people in jail.

    Get the fuck over it. It is not funny.

    Mundane shit

  21. themanwhosoldtheworld

    I thought relationships in jail didn’t go further than: “Bend over bitch, Coltrane noticed you didn’t finish your veggies at dinner”

  22. thank fuck for someone with the creativity to tell the jail rape joke without using ‘bubba’. bless ☆

  23. My Granny dieing was quite an awkward moment too… It’s quite fiddly and hard to put your cock away when you’re holding a bloody baseball bat.

  24. themanwhosoldtheworld

    Somebody had to msAnneThrope. the thread would not be same without the jail rape joke.

  25. So how long is your significant other in for, imdead9?

  26. Is that Jack Skellington on her shirt?

  27. For all you horny dumbasses out there, #3 is a GUY!

    Look at the hands! Also he is named ‘skye’ and that is not a female chest. Yes, gay guys can be tramps too, get the news.

  28. Oh, my mistake. Sorry.

    Is that Jack Skellington on HIS shirt?

  29. Every Skye I’ve ever met has been a chick. so fuck you Helen.

  30. The only two Skyes I know are guys. One has hippie parents and I think the other one’s parents wanted a girl.

  31. are they gay?

  32. No, I’m pretty sure they’re not.

  33. what if they were in a prison cell – clinging desperately together like baby monkeys to gain some comfort in the warmth and familiarity of each other’s bodies…would they be gay then?

  34. Umm…. Possibly?

  35. If the last picture is a boy, wouldn’t he just lift his shirt up or take it off completely for the picture rather than just lowering it a bit from the top?

  36. not if his nipple piercings are infected.

  37. The way I interpreted post #1 was that Sarahh (really?) worked at the prison and was getting ready to head home/to the home of her significant other.

  38. For the hell of it…I spent a good five years as a c/o in a state institution and used to make fun of the fags for doing this shit. I’d rather walk in on the desperate flamers giving each other hickeys than the times I walked in on them spooning or using the dorm spray bottle and chasing each other around the shower and prancing around like fucking fairies for fucks sake…

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