Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mama’s Boy


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  1. Corwin, had you read my comment you would have seen me say “there are better ways to get the point across”. I don’t agree with your “kids these days” statement, but I can agree that this kid needs to respect his mother more. However, there are BETTER ways for a mother to get this point across. The old statement of “you don’t pay room and board” has never worked, will never work, and only makes teenagers more angry and defiant.

  2. “Clare likes this”


  3. This kid and his friends deserve some swift physical violence to their smug faces.

  4. this is why children should be allowed to be spanked.

  5. I think I acted like this when I was a teenager, too. And guess what… my mom isn’t psycho, I was just hormonal and growing up! We’re both OK now, and this kid will be too. But the facebook post was really uncalled for on his part.

  6. The kid’s thick and hormonal, the mum’s fine but clearly not a good parent [no discipline] and Tarran is clueless.
    End of. 🙂

  7. xxxtheworldsgreatestxxx

    whoa Matt should slow down and not post stuff like that on FB….and Tarran needs to mind his own business lmao!!

  8. Lillith my Alter Ego

    They say how you treat your mother is how you’ll treat your girlfriend or wife. If that’s true than I fear for any woman who is stupid enough to hook up with this whiny little douche.

  9. He is not “just being a normal teenager.” I would have been thrown out of the house if I ever spoke to my mother that way. And he isn’t having a “temper tantrum that just needs to be ignored” — that way of dealing with the issue ends when a kid is about 3. Matt needs a swift kick in the ass, and to be deposited outside with his suitcase.

  10. This kid is a little bitch.
    damn teens need some discipline.
    I doubt if someone kicked his ass if he would be such a punk.

  11. Holy hotdogs Batman. This kid is the biggest pussy ever. He said he wanted to shoot and kill himself? How about he goes into the bathroom, takes one of his mother’s jumbo sized tampons, swallows it and chokes to death.

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