Thursday, December 29, 2011

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  1. HA!

  2. Paranoid Android72

    Howdy to those who vaguely remember me, is this still a cutting edge, witty, cynical response to all things facebook?

    Nah, thought not, as you were.

  3. Hey Paranoid And… snore… fuck it I got bored with your self-indulgent need to be (snore)


    Oh yeah, where was I, oh yeah, Paranoid Android, go fu…. snore

    God, you really aren’t relevant.

  4. Heh, stubbyholder is a cunt. They’re my favourite type of people. I salute you, sir.

  5. They did the same with my…………nose. Sickos.

  6. Maybe he was born that way Ethan, you knob.

    I remember you PA72, hello!

  7. Paranoid Android72

    Awww stubbyholder, you’re a fucktard and that’s why I love you xxx

  8. I… I think… I think I love you too. Get over here and give me a hug you big ….. (snore)

  9. Slow day on the ol’ LB eh?

  10. is that possible, filling in a hole where an ear used to be

  11. Flames, it could be congenital, or, if you have an injury and two parts are for some reason held together during the healing, they could join up.
    For example, you could take Stever and cut off both hands at the wrists, then sew the stumps to each other. The skin would join and he’d a a circle instead of two separate arms, and he could never be annoying again.

  12. i cannm ssttilll tyupe withj my bonnerrr

  13. ^ He only stopped because he came.

  14. PA, I remember you. How could we forget? Hmmmm LB hasn’t changed much has it.

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