Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lock it up, Chicago Tribune

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  2. So, is she not the wife of a Bears’ linesman then?

  3. yesitsmeaging – Yeah, she is and he’s the husband of a 3 time Olympian champion who recently won a bronze. Doubt you would see a story about him though with that subject title.

  4. necrophiliac64258

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  6. Yeah..she’s so pretty..she just HAS to be somebody’s wife..not an Olympic bronze medal champion..
    I mean..a woman..winning an Olympic medal? C’mon! Some guy told me the other day they’re letting women become certified welders! What’s this world coming to? ..(lol..tongue in cheek)

  7. The Beast Among Us

    She actually is pretty hot.

  8. Perhaps the target audience of the Chicago Tribune largely consists of misogynistic football fans. In that case, well done.

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