Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Look Son!

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  1. Nathan is gagging for Shaun’s hard member. He should gobble Shaun’s nuts and throat his throbbing bell-end, then Shaun can fuck Nathan’s gaping anus ballsdeep. After, they can 69 and cum in each other’s throats before cumswapping.

  2. himalayanhindu


  3. ^ Indian Standard Time… He acts all Steveeer when he’s second.

    That said, I’m on Mexican Standard Time. I gave up my hopes of ever arriving in here first.

  4. Abraham Lincoln

    Didn’t think these comments could get much worse after reading #1, then I saw #2. 🙁

  5. They can’t all be Gettysburg Addresses

  6. @Elsior
    How hard were you jerking off while writing that comment?

  7. Haha. Great setup for picture sharing failure

  8. I believe Shaun and Dillon need to grow up

  9. Fake.

  10. himalayanhindu

    That #2 comment was not me, I hadnt even logged in for a month or so. I guess, someone hacked it? No idea.
    Anyway, Me and Steever? What an honor!

  11. Elsior says, “[they can] cum in each other’s throats before cumswapping.” I’m confused about the logistics of this; if each of Nathan and Shaun has the other man’s cum in his mouth — how is a swap performed? It seems that, much like the fox/chicken/seed brainteaser, one would need a third vessel to hold one of the participant’s cum.

    See, Elsior? Not only are your posts annoying and juvenile, but they also contain serious logistical and practical flaws.

  12. The real question is who launched said bundle of sticks into low-earth orbit?


  13. lamebook made me lol twice today

  14. necrophiliac64258

    please do not tell lamebook that Jenny they will just get lazier with their posts

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