Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Password Problems

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  1. SugarTitsMcGee, is that you?

  2. Ew, DirectTV?

  3. hannibal-lecture

    Charlie Sheen swears by DirecTV

  4. This has to be my one moment to shine and I can’t think of anything remotely funny to say. Goddammit.

  5. I bet Kaley and her bro were fucking like animals before they set the password. He was probably having a titwank when he blew his load all over her bosom, then they did a sixty-nine.

  6. That moment when you realize “that moment when you realize” was halfway funny over 2 years ago.

  7. I always make my password “incorrect”.
    So when windows says “The password you have entere…uggg

  8. You just know that after that the cable guy was hoping for the whole situation to turn porno.

  9. What’s funny about sugar and a number?

  10. ^Did you miss the tits?

  11. Tits are funny. If they are on trampolines.

  12. Nigggers are scum.

  13. Do you miss your tits, Jeffrey?

  14. That moment when the poor DircetTV tech support guy informs you that’s only the fourth worst password he’s heard today.

  15. My friend thought it would be funny to set our password to buttsex69.. and the routed name to il0vep0rn.. it was kinds funny.. until I had to tell my mom what it was so she could get online. Fml

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