Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lost Aunt Found

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  1. Is anyone gunna tell Gina how to take a screenshot?

  2. Umm…her niece/nephew took this photo not Gina.

  3. Maybe the dingo ate your baby

  4. Oh yeah..Dog!

  5. OK. That was meant to say “DOH!”

    I think I’ll leave this thread now..I’ve embarrassed myself enough.

  6. I hope her aunt has roadrunner in her blood.

  7. Ah yes, this was the story about Gina Mckee showing off her Photoshop skills – she didn’t really haver a coyote n her house – and everybody fell for it.
    Including her husband who was at work reading her Facebook updates. So yes, very funny.
    All this happened sometime last year. So well timed, poster. (sigh.)

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