Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love It Or Leave It

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  1. So there are female monkeys?

  2. never been to Greece then?

  3. I only wish those monkeys I met had used some grease.

  4. Sorry _isglory you have to pay extra for grease, next time don’t be a cheap skate, or a such tight arse either way…

  5. Not if it’s bacon grease. That comes free with bacon.

  6. Oh you went pig on a spit style? You did get your money’s worth! _isglory = _iswhorey.

  7. Holy fucking shit, guys.

    Lesson learned:

    I tried to heed my own advice…

    But never put fresh-from-the-pan bacon grease on your dick as a form of lubrication.

    I thought maybe if I tossed it into a nice wet vagina, it would cool it down. But that didn’t help at all!

    It burns! It burns!

  8. Seriously, this is a no-win situation. The more ice I put on my dick, the more it retreats.

    It’s like a catch-22 or something.

  9. And worst of all, it’s probably going to scar, and everyone’s going to think Skanka gave me the herpes.

  10. _isglory anyone who knows me knows it to stingy to give anything away.

  11. I know, it stings like a motherfucker!

  12. lol..thats it I’ve had too many glasses of red…I’m going to have very odd dreams thanks to you. Goodnight.

  13. craig…ur testicles are available for pick up at the wal-mart customer service office

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