Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love Sick




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  1. I honestly don’t find these all that bad…

  2. Seriously, I love a bit of romance. But I think Sam’s cock just shrivelled up & dropped off…

  3. Thesaurapist 13F
    FOR THE WIN OF ALL WINS. I think I love you for your 1st comment.

  4. I’m thinking that Adrian is very paranoid about what Felicia will be getting up to when he gets posted to Afghanistan, but seeing as he is such a charming, level-headed guy to Felicia, he should have nothing to worry about…

  5. Sam needs to seriously find his testicles, and soon.

  6. When I see guys posting soppy crap like this I cannot help but think of that song from the late 80’s (possibly early 90’s) entitled ‘Detachable Penis’.

  7. Awwwww. Just three more of those nine-monthaversaries and they will have been together blissfully long enough to have Little Kale, Little Collard Green, *and* Little Brussels Sprout. Naming your kids after cabbage FTW!

  8. these aren’t that bad. Lame that they are up on facebook for the world to see…

  9. Meh. I’ve submitted much more sickingly gushy stuff than this, and it didn’t make the cut.

  10. That was the fucking gayest shit I’ve ever read.
    I can’t believe that after 9 months Sam and his girlfriend have named their potential first child. And what the hell is with him thinking all their friends look up to them? A wonder to all those around you?! The only wonder is how you think you’re ever going to knock up that girl of yours seeing as you clearly possess no dick, no balls and no testosterone.

  11. 9 months… AHAHA. I love how he’s named their child. I can’t wait ’til she finds out he’s gay, because it will happen. 3rd formers+love+Facebook=pass the bucket, I’m gonna spew.

  12. Zac is the least lame, at least he got her into bed

  13. I think Adrian is one of those dogs from the movie UP with the communication collar around his neck. SQUIRREL!!!!!

  14. sam makes me want to barf, and adrian is crazy

  15. Who has that barf bucket?? Pass it on cuz this is so cheesy! I would break up with a guy(sam especially) if he’d posted that on my fb wall…..

  16. Zac’s comment is cute and sweet

    Sam seems like steps away from stalker/freak

    Adrian proves thug love is alive and well.

  17. How come no one else came up with the idea that Sam might be a girl trying to tell her boyfriend that she is pregnant?

  18. because no-one on this site speaks fluent retart. I’m glad to know we can rely on you hidh!

  19. I’ve gotta say, I LOVE the comments that are insanely long and disgustingly cheesy and filled with ridiculous declarations of love… and then the other person comments with just ‘aww’ or ‘ly’

  20. *barf*

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