Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Problem Solved



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  1. What does it say on his head?!

  2. I Cant understand, all i can see was (i fucked my baby…) point is hes a dumbass

  3. Vince from purchasing

    I think it says ‘Fuck my baby’s mama.’ Which is the exact same tattoo that Thurgood Marshall had tattooed on HIS head, so it must be intelligent and a little bit classy. In fact, I think I saw it in a Martha Stewart special.

  4. What a twat

  5. HAHAHHAHAHA “Fuck My Baby & Mama” ? HAHAHHA LMAO

  6. It does say “Fuck my baby’s mama” but it’s funny that after the word “fuck” it looks like a Jesus fish.

    And the other one isn’t funny.

  7. Vince from purchasing

    And re post 2 – If complaints are down, I can only assume it’s because the service provided has improved. Which is obviously a win-win for all concerned, and I’d like to thank the hard working souls on 82nd. who invested in the training and service skills required to lift their customer satisfaction rating. Well done.

    So, I’m guessing that Nate was on the money, and that Angela sucked at her job. So to speak.

  8. Nina – you’re a dumbass. It says “Fuck My Baby’s Mama”.

  9. Vince from purchasing

    ‘Dumbass’ is a bit rough – it’s not as if the artist excelled here. Even leaving aside the content, this is an awful tattoo. At first, I thought it said what Nina suggested, then wondered if there was a ‘d’ after ‘fuck’ for ‘fuckd my baby’s mama’.

    I think we get the gist here, anyway. And it’s not good.

  10. O_O what’s that tattoo say?!

  11. Midnight_Black19 did you not read any of the other comments?? It says “Fuck My Baby’s Mama”

  12. HokieFan im not a dumbass to think it says what i stated. Its not my fault he got a fucked up unreadable tattoo. So STFU.

  13. I, too, thought it said “Baby & Mama”. Sign me up for the dumbass list, Hokie!

  14. Well I don’t believe anyone would do that sober- I’ve shaved my head when pissed and then thought ‘oh bollocks’ in the morning but at least it grows back. This dude might as well have had C**T tattoed on his forehead.

    On the plus side it looks like it’s done in biro not for real.

  15. For those having trouble reading what the tattoo, it says, “I’m pissed because my baby’s mamma garnished my wages for child support after I blew the grocery money on a shitty tattoo for the third time this month.”

  16. The second one is lame cos Nate wrote it with the aim of submitting it to lamebook, took his screenshot immediately, and most likely deleted it.

  17. Do they tattoo their heads so they can grow hir and hide it becasue they are not sure if they really want somebody to see it? I don’t get it.

  18. dude, i think i know him and if it’s him, then he probably did it in a mirror himself with his homemade tattoo gun…

  19. Tats are lame, period.

  20. This tattoo is more lamebook worthy than the last. I can’t read it at all. The second post isn’t lamebook worthy though. She initiated the joke to get a laugh out of people. That isn’t a fail, it’s a small win.

  21. “Fucked My Baby & Mama” looks like thats what it is saying… what u think??

  22. I think it says “Fuck, My Baby’s A Llama”

  23. at first i thought it says “fuck the baby of obama”

  24. LMAO “fuck the baby of obama”? HAHA u are awesome europe_rocks lmaooo

  25. Yeah, it was blatantly Nate who submitted the second one… bit of a giveaway that it had been published for less than a minute and was deleteable.

  26. Maybe it’s my teaching degree working for once, but I had no problem reading the tattoo at all.

    Maybe I’m on Lamebook too much.

  27. “Fuck my baby’s mama??” Isn’t that how he got into this mess in the first place?

  28. posty mcposterson

    It is refreshing to see that someone put much thought into their tat…Oh wait…What an idiot!
    I think that “fuck the baby of obama” would be funny though.

  29. I thought it said “fuck my baby & mama” at first, and I was like “???”

  30. Wow! Someone got a tattoo in their knob! Oh wait that’s someone’s head. Nevermind.

  31. The first one I could tell right away what it said…. it’s not that hard, and the second one, I don’t think that Angela was setting anything up for someone to call her a prostitute. I think she was saying like a “damn, I moved away because it was the crappy side of town and I move away and things are getting better. That’s just my luck” kinda of thing. Nate thinks he is soo funny too, but I just think it’s lame bc everyone was thinking it before he posted it.

  32. I got a rabbit tattooed on my bald head cause from a distance it looks like a hare.

  33. Haha, second one is Portland. 82nd is hookerville, scary scary place.

  34. Hookers ARE scary. Just ask them!

  35. what a tool

  36. When I read “Complaints about 82nd ave. prostitution way down”, I saw the period as a comma….and I assumed people were complaining about the prostitution being down. >.>

  37. Nate, you’re a cunt. Stop posting your own ‘jokes’.

  38. man, he’ll have absolutely no problem picking up girls with that tattoo.

  39. What a dumb*ss

    We know you F*cked your baby mama. Thats kinda how all of them start. Except baby Jesus of course, lol.

  40. wow. comment number 39 is a fucking retard. IT DOESNT SAY I FUCKED MY BABY MAMA it says FUCK my baby mama. dumbass…

  41. *fuck my baby’s mama.

  42. I’m assuming this is their child’s mother (as a “baby momma” typically is) so…if he hates her so much, all he had to do was wear a condom. Ugly tattoo averted!

    On a side note, I made up an alternate version of the “12 days of christmas” which included 5 baby mommas…My mother’s fiance’s young son kept repeating it over and over (just day 5) and I inadvertently caused a major problem with my mom’s fiance’s son’s mother and my mother. Whew. I hope that made sense.

  43. Ah, 82nd avenue, “Avenue Of Roses,” lol. I lived on 108th until last summer. That neighborhood amuses me…

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