Thursday, January 10, 2013

Male Misfortunes

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  1. oh I love these bitchy whiny posts from like 16 year old girls complaining about how tough life is as a girl. I had no idea that women and girls were the only ones in life who had to ‘deal with jerks’. Also didn’t know that shaving is only an option for men, women are forced into it apparently… tell that to the French!

  2. Men can be raped. Men can be called names for no reason. And my moobs are sore.

  3. I am female. It’s not that bad. Whiny bitches piss me off.

  4. Sitting on your ball sack is a pain, but try BOUNCING on your ball sack.

  5. Some drag queens who “perform” at the bar where I bartend tape their balls and peepee between their legs with duct tape… I don’t know why they do that, but that pain must give them lots of pleasure.

    There is another drag queen who went for the surgery and got boobs… At his other job, he is still a man… So he has to tape his boobs with duct tape before he goes to work at his day job. I’m not joking.

  6. ^ W…. T… F….
    You seem to know an awful lot of information on the subject?

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  8. Guess what; i have boobies I play with anytime I want,
    there is no shortage of people who want to fuck me,
    I can smuggle drugs and whatnot in my pussy,
    I harldy ever have to do any type of physical labor,
    I have awesome long hair and nails I can paint or dye just for fun,
    I can use my period to justify my mood swings… 😉
    Like this if you love being a chick! tee hee

  9. Thanks sweet, tonight I’ll dream about you, sitting there playing with your own tits, bitching about the cocaine balloons putting added pressure on your tampax, while a long queue of men wait to grab your painted hair and fuck your ass.

  10. hey sweetcandyapple, if you are relatively pretty (you don’t even need to be that pretty) and you spend every minute in the gym, you can marry a rich guy and never even have to work. It’s a lot harder for a guy to get by just leeching off a woman as it is for a chick

  11. @6 Sorry, man… You missed that day when we went around the table and introduced ourselves to the group: I’m a gay man who has a second job bartending at a gay bar. I do know a lot of information on the subject. All of it is second hand, though.

  12. ^ Two questions:

    1) What’s your FIRST job?

    2) Is your left or your right hand considered your “2nd” hand?

  13. His first job is being a gay man, I assume.

  14. @12 I thought you knew. I am an IT guy. DBA, software developer, website builder, iPhone/iPad developer.

    @13 Really?

  15. @12 2) It depends… who wants to know?

  16. The point is being a chic is awesome. Being a guy is awesome too. Why would anyone complain when there’s so much awesome???

    On an unrelated note, velocirrober and beatus… Get a room eh this isn’t

  17. ^ Go fuck yourself, Sweet Candy. You’re in luck, too, because right not, sex toys are on sale, starting at $2.95.

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