Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mama Drama

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  1. Fiiiirst =) the first one made me chuckle

  2. Slendermans Girlfriend

    What exactly is the first picture of…? A pack of cigarettes?

  3. @2- Rolling paper.

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    What a penis on that kid!

  5. “gangaaa” = “ganja”? Or do you really think it says “gangaaa,” like she hand-painted the bathingsuit?

  6. She probably spent all of her money on “ganja” so therefore had to hand paint her bathing suit. Her leaf is looking a little weak.

  7. “ganga” is Aussie slang for a whore/slut. As in a girl who participates in gangbangs.

  8. no it isn’t

  9. http://ganga.urbanup.com/2188399
    Yes dear, it is 🙂

  10. I’ve lived in oz for most of my life and have never heard the expression “ganga”… I don’t think it’s an Australian expression. Given that she says it says 420 straight after it seems much more likely its a weed reference.

  11. I was born and raised in Sydney, and i’ve never heard that expression used.

    Pretty sure it’s in relation to weed.

  12. i have lived in australia all my life, in the western suburbs of melbourne no less, so if there was such a word widely used (enough to be considered ‘aussie slang’) then i would most likely know about it. and let’s not forget any two bit loser can submit to urban dictionary so I wouldn’t trust that site lol

  13. “Ganga” is slang for a ‘slut’ in Western Sydney. I live here it is often used more than the word slut when used as an insult etc. I guess it is just around this area rather than national.

  14. @SgtPepper – Well you learn somethin’ new everyday hey. That’s a first for me, I even lived in Sydney (although not Western Sydney I was in Avoca Beach) and never heard it. Me and my mates usually use “slappa” to describe such a woman, but I’m in WA.

  15. I’m in adelaide, and my little douchebag jersey shore wannabe cousins were referring to gangies about 3 yrs ago…

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