Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marrying the Right Woman

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  1. If you’re truthfully getting married, “NinjaCat” isn’t going to fly.

  2. It does if it’s his last name.

  3. I’d fuck her. In the ass. Twice. But that’s about it. Thanks for watching.

  4. She’s got way too much going on with that name. She’s clearly over-compensating for her tiny tiny penis.

  5. I say she changes it to Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock.

  6. Its sweet when blind people find love.

  7. Ninjacat is an awesome last name. Well worth changing it through the courts.

  8. If she changed her name to Crystal Unity Nora Thompson I would definitely vote for that. Cos then when people get confused what to call her they could just use her initials.

  9. Lost-Dog, those are 3D glasses, we were in line for Star Tours.

  10. Ninja cat is fake.

  11. digging the name change. If this girl were on my feed though I’d block her.
    140 days? something tells me every week they get something like this.

  12. notsousual42 – 132 days now!

  13. Crystal, don’t change your name to Captain Supergirl Ninjacat. Stick with PolkaDotRobot. It’s much better.

  14. I’ll be back tomorrow to update you again.

  15. How about PolkaDot Robot McAwesome?

  16. ^ That sounds like a McDonald’s product, so probably not.

  17. Eww good point. NinjaCat it is.

  18. Crystal Meth.

  19. Or maybe that’s her current name.

  20. Fucking ninjacat. I would at least go with a name that would get me somewhere. Like Betta Signa Prenup, or Fatin Tenyears.

  21. ^ Orlways Lye Ing would be another good one

  22. Is it just me or does her soon (131days) to be hubby look an awful lot like Beatus?
    Same ‘stashe, same almost’a’goatee, same clit ticklin fuzzy patch under the lip, same 3D glasses..

  23. I think he looks more like a less scrawny Adrien Brody with facial hair.

  24. ^ Why thank you, Crystal.

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