Thursday, January 12, 2012

Meeting Mr. Right

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  1. slicingupeyeballs

    and then high five her and say “nice one” Joe…

  2. Codename Dutchess

    What’s her stance on fart ridicule/celebration?

  3. Is Joe Walsh out yet?

  4. vaginalroundhouse

    Anal sex is fun but when it starts to smell it kinda kills the boner.

  5. She could fuck a hobo

  6. Allison sucks

  7. Allison. You have a vagina , the worlds your oyster.

  8. ^why must you assume that the rest of the world is a desperate weirdo, too? Not everyone is as desperate as you, pal. In fact, hardly anyone is as desperate as you.

  9. No wait. I’m desperate. For.. Well. Y’know.
    Damn, i keep screwing up the jokes.

  10. oh please MsAnne.. you’re so wrong. Stop pretending that a vagina wont get you alot further than a dick. Acknowledging that doesnt make you a desperate weirdo.. its just true.

  11. Yeah, writing in italics makes it all fact also

  12. maybe MsAnne has a dick.. therefore she doesnt understand the benefits of having a vagina. or maybe she has a dick and understands the benefits of having a vagina, but she resents those who do have vaginas. or maybe shes just going through a feminist phase..

  13. the sheer weight of ignorance in this thread exhausts me.

  14. exhausts me, flames.

  15. Hey, I tried this over the weekend, and it turns out that the world is NOT my oyster due to my vagina! Nearly 50% of the population has one, so the competition is pretty fierce. Your over-simplification fails once again, ToTheFlames.

  16. Maybe the world ISN’T your oyster, Bacchante, but sometimes it sure smells that way.

  17. All hail hypnotoad

    Joe knows how to live!!

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