Friday, February 22, 2013


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  1. Legalize it!

    …I mean education for americans.

  2. See You En Tea

  3. is america the only country with mcdonalds? is it the only country with mt. dew and combos? did i miss something?

  4. Seriouly, America has an A in it. Just because the fake rednecks on TV say it wrong doesn’t mean everyone else has to become retarded too.

  5. What is “Combos?” McDonald’s is in many countries, and it’s still disgusting.

  6. ^ Beatus, combos are a disgusting toasted/crispy mini/bite size roll type “snack”, typically with some sort of horrid imitation cheese/pepperoni/bacon “filler”. Why anyone would eat that garbage is beyond me.

  7. i know mcdonalds is worldwide, i just don’t see what it is in the post that gives away the fact that it happened in the u.s.

  8. ^The title of the post didn’t give it away?

  9. Combos always remind me of those Milk Bone dog treats which are, supposedly, a cookie filled with real bone marrow. Both Combos and the dog treat creep me out.

  10. When you eat combos, you eat the whole bag. A whole bag of combos could be like half of your caloric requirement for the day. Agreeing with #1, I’m pretty sure this person was high. That is the only explanation as to why they would stay in the drive-through while snacking on combos. I don’t think it has anything to do with them being American. Though, if they do this kind of thing often, they are probably fat, and if they get high enough, they might be prone to mispronouncing the name of their own country.

  11. Hey now, I have to step in here. Pizzeria pretzel combos are fucking delicious. They are a reasonable snack to be consumed in moderation. Just cause fatty up there couldn’t wait for her fatty McFatFat to get there any faster does not mean combos are any less than a delectable edible.

  12. Until today, I had never even heard of combos, and I’m a damned ‘Murican.

    Sugartits, I don’t think I want to try this pizza combos snacks. They sound nasty. instead, I think I will go make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bacon and jalapeños.

  13. McShit, nuff said.

  14. @ Tellingitreal
    Let’s look at facts:
    – Combos are only sold in North America
    – Mountain Dew is not widely available outside the ‘muricas either
    – The post is in English
    – North America is composed of 23 countries (yes, google it!)
    – for the sake of the argument, we are only going to consider two of them relevant to this post,
    USA & Canada (the most likely out of the 23 to have large drive-thru McD)
    – Either/or, still America!
    You’re welcome.

  15. I just thought it was in America cos they’ve taken snacks to a fuckin drive thru and there’s nothing that screams fatty like America. And Scotland.

  16. Beatus, you must live some where above the Mason-Dixon line cause they are deliciously available everywhere in the south. I’m not one for processed food but goddamn will I eat a combo. We all have our vices, I guess.

  17. ^TeamSugartitsmecgee
    Love me some combos!! Haha..I have a pretty good diet too but there’s something about a bag of combos that just calls my name….

  18. @jpn – thanks. didn’t know combos were only sold in north america. same with mt. dew, hence why i originally stated ‘did i miss something?’

  19. Southwest – where we add jalapeños to everything.

  20. I like how everyone is dissing combos, like the concept of giving people a discount on basic meal setups is only in northern america. Snacking in the drive through line is however weird and creepy.

  21. carlosspicyweiner

    Do you people ever shut up?

  22. It’s a good thing you had snacks.
    If not you wouldn’t be able to eat while waiting for something to eat!!

  23. #19 They have Jalapeno Combos.

  24. I don’t care about Combos or Mountain Dew or anything about this post (except jalapenos…chillies make life worthwhile). I’m here to complain about the Lamebook @dmin jerks.

    Like the quality of posts hasn’t been bad enough recently, now I have to look at ChristianMingle advertisements on my screen! What the actual FUCK, people?! Learn your demographics!!

    P.S. Yes, I know about Adblock, but I’m complaining from my work computer right now, so it’s not an option.

    The only combos I have ever tried/seen/devoured are CHEESE combos.
    Those are damn good.
    But yes, the others sound disgustballs. (I hate those balls words)

  26. My ads reflect my browser history (right now, a mutt DNA test ad, a Petco ad, and a Lasik ad. Yes, I am that awesome. Or, you know, I just adopted a rescue dog and also have bad eyes, whatevs), so that kinda sounds like a personal problem, Bacchante….

  27. My work computer uses a generic login, so I cannot control my browser history. I get some very strange ads here…

    On a side note, sex toys are available starting at $2.95.

  28. My adverts appear to involve parallel parking elephants…Have you considered purchasing them there sex toys and selling them to your coworkers at triple the cost yet, Beatus. I bet you’d make a killing…

    It’s like them cheap knives you see in the jar at a corner market…They buy the whole thing from budk or some other cheap resale outfit for like ten bucks and sell ’em for $2, $3 dollars a piece. Invest in your future man! Your coworkers get to relieve some stress and you can make some bread on the side, sounds like a win-win to me!

  29. big mac, bitches

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