Friday, October 8, 2010

Mile High Rub

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  1. Wow. I’m gonna call Lee for all my legal advice from now on. That guys seems pretty on the ball.

  2. Nice!!!

  3. Keona, I aim to please. As it were.

  4. works quite well on those long overseas flights… 😀

  5. Oseas doesn’t know what a question mark is?

  6. In my experience, a man masturbating in his aeroplane is a hideously unsubtle thing, and by ‘iin my experience’, I obviously mean ‘not in my experience’.

  7. And by ‘his aeroplane’ I mean ‘his aeroplane seat’. If I could afford my own aeroplane, wanking would be the least of my worries.

  8. I think a man who could afford his own aeroplane could also afford at least one woman to go with him and alleviate the need for self-wanking.

  9. I’m trying to decide if self-wanking is a redundancy.
    I’ll do some research and submit my findings at a later date

  10. most definitely not a redundancy …. you guys look hot doing it. so long as you’re not “waving it around” 😉

  11. I didn’t mean the activity, I meant the phrase.

  12. ‘Wanking’ can, as I have heard it used, refer to another person giving the man a handjob, as well as to autoerotic pleasuring, so to speak. Thus, ‘self-wanking’ is not redundant.

  13. Sorry, got to call you on that one. If it refers to “Auto-erotic” activity, then the ‘self’ is redundant.
    And, speaking as an englishmen, where the phrase originated, I’ve never heard self-waning used. Ever.
    if you think I’m being pedantic, that’s my name!

  14. I am HIGHLY pro-pedantry! And I agree that if it refers only to auto-erotic activity then ‘self’ is clearly redundant. However, I do not believe ‘wank’ only refers to autoerotic activity.
    For evidence: My wife watched an interview with Kiera Knightly on the filming of Atonement. Knightly said that during the love scene, she was instructed to ‘wank it!’ by the director, apparently in reference to doing something to her lover. Thus ‘self-wanking’ would not be redundant.
    I admit that otherwise, I’ve only ever heard ‘to wank’ used to refer to self-stimulation. And perhaps I misunderstood what I was told about Knightly’s report of what the director said to do.

  15. I believe it is quite appropriate to the digital manipulation of another person as ‘wanking’ however I don’t believe you need to add the word ‘self’ when referring to your own masturbation. It is acceptable to use the word ‘wank’ without any prefix, regardless of whether you are referring to yourself or another person.

  16. that is meant to read ‘to refer to’

  17. If you look in the dictionary Wank is defined as a) manipulation of the genitals by hand to achieve sexual climax (having a wank) or b) Anything written by Dan Brown eg The Da Vinci Code was a huge pile of wank

  18. Perhaps I was mistaken in thinking that the ‘hand’ in ‘by hand’ could be someone else’s (e.g. ‘My wife gave me a wank in the car’). My point stands regardless. A man rich enough to own a plane could easily afford to bring along a woman to provide manual or other stimulation instead of having to give himself a wank.
    I am glad to see another person who thinks Brown is full of shít.

  19. I think the difference, and it is subtle, is that you can have a wank and someone else can wank you off.

    I’m staying classy today.

  20. Bunch of wankers.

  21. Ah, the voice of experience when it comes to digital dexterity in the bathing suit area

  22. A thread about wanking. Thank you sweet baby Jeebus.

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