Thursday, February 18, 2016

Missed the point

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  1. But he didn’t miss the point? The rule is I before E except after C. All the words are examples of exceptions to this rule, science is also an exception to this rule.

  2. But science DOES have the “c” before it! Although it isn’t really part of the rule like “received” because it doesn’t make the “eee” sound, it actually makes the “aye-eee” sound on its own.

  3. @majicmarvn – is your real name Thomas, because you really missed the point. I before E EXCEPT after C – so the fact that I before E comes AFTER C means it’s an exception to the rule – Bippity’s got it right; and I can’t believe I’m wasting time explaining this….

  4. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Why are you all disagreeing? Must be the caffeine. Albeit that is the rule, and we all understand the “except after C” part, the message on the cup tosses that part out the window and interjects some exception words that do not include the C. Therefore, Thomas missed the point.

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  6. wow that really was a dumb moment of my life.

  7. albeit

    I never got the rule in the first place.

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  9. ^^ Yeah, it’s a “weird” rule, isn’t it.

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