Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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  1. Sittin’ on the dick of the bay, watchin’ the tIIiide roll away.

  2. Breakfast cannot be raped, as it never says, “No.”

  3. ^Neither can women who have been drugged, passed out or cannot speak for any number of reasons.

    Would you like to take back that incredibly offensive comment, beatus?

    And yes, I am jumping on the rape jokes aren’t funny band wagon.

  4. Breakfast also doesn’t testify in court after it gets eaten. But who would want to eat their breakfast after they rape it?

    Rape of women is sick and wrong.

  5. A thumb down already? Gees.

  6. jeffery dahmer, beat. the answer is jeffrey dahmer!

    what does i winned?

  7. hold the fucking phone…

    “Rape of WOMEN is sick and wrong.”

    any qualifiers you want to add to that, beatus old buddy?

  8. Fine. Rape of any living thing is sick and wrong. Feel free to rape your breakfast burrito, though. Just don’t rape mine, because that’s gross.

  9. And, yes, you win, Anne. You just got yourself a free trip around Louis Anderson. Pack your bags, because It’s a two week tour.

  10. I’m not going and you can’t fucking make me. I like my comedians to be funny, I’m a bit of a stickler like that.

    do you have any better prizes? a blackened, squashed banana would be more appealing.

  11. frankly, ebola is more appealing.

  12. How about a bad sunburn? It will be peeling in a week.

  13. Someone needs to tell Vasko not to stick his polish sausage in the breakfast.

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