Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mistaken Identity

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  1. Rachael is hot. Anyone have her phone number?

  2. mcowles, sorry I worded my post poorly. I did, after reading this, know who she was but I find it weird that before your explanation I was expected to know. She’s very plain looking to me. I don’t see anything about her that would make me recall who she is. I have heard her name before too. Again, I guess I AM getting old.

  3. @Penny Lane

    I have to agree, she’s not someone who has really stood out in my opinion.


    I love it! Will put it on my status asap haha

  4. BTW, two of my friends changed their profile pics to Monica Lewinksy for celebrity doppleganger week, so at least some people are realistic.

    And, I don’t mind theme weeks if they’re fun. I didn’t do the celebrity one because I don’t think I look like anyone and I think it’s lame, but I did the one because I love that site and of course my “definition” was completely crazy, hence a great FB status.

    Maybe, since theme weeks are catching on, the themes will get better. Any suggestions?

  5. Ooo, just remembered that it is Black History Month; post your fave black person? Or maybe, to be completely random, your fave Asian person. Or, your fave Tiger Woods mistress?

  6. Bob Hope died in 2003, not 2001.

  7. @mcowles: yes.
    No boxed wine or anything sparkling though.

  8. @25.mcowles

    That shit is so annoying. I get a new message every freaking day from my friends with that shit. I’ve even gone as far to delete people who continually send me those. So, thank you for posting this. I’m a chick, and I think this crap is stupid as fuck!

  9. @beckyboo

    haha, I don’t have the heart to delete anyone from my list… I don’t know why. I just suffer through Religious posts and self-depricating posts and theme week posts and the cryptic innuendo posts.

    I need to learn how to have the strength to delete people like that. Will you teach me, oh wise beckyboo?

  10. I will now declare Megan Fox as Rachel. LOL!

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