Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mitched Out

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    WELL PLAYED, Mitchster.

  2. nice titties.

  3. ^That’s his expert opinion as a History professor. Who am I to argue with history?

  4. She is friggin gorgeous. Only thing I wanna call her is “Mrs Lost-Dog”. Um nomnomnom

  5. Hi

  6. What’s her full name please

  7. Hmmmm, sit on my face and let me tongue that perfect asshole and pussy.

  8. on board w elsior…slut..whore..i dont give a fuuuuuuuck…bitch is fukn bad..i would lick dat mofo from asshole 2 appetite

  9. Abraham Lincoln

    How come whenever there is a bit of cleavage on Lamebook there is always some douchebag who comments how nice said titties are? Even if they’re not especially great.

    Also, #4 – why would you want her as your girlfriend? She’s as shallow as a puddle, doesn’t appear especially good looking and obviously loves herself.

  10. Abe, it appears that for the most part only 13 year old boys visit lamebook now.

  11. And this is how I know I am getting old. All I see is vapid twunt who probably couldn’t hold a conversation beyond single syllable words and only in relation to the latest teen reality show on MTV…or clothes.

    And eating her anus? Really? Eww…kids these days.

  12. Why is my comment awaiting moderation? It has no bad words in it.

  13. ^it will probably never get displayed. i still have one awaiting moderation from december in the ‘never trust a seagull’ post.

  14. Fine. I’ll modify it.

    Follow this girl’s example, Noel, and you might get a boyfriend.

  15. Or, you might just get laid, but that’s okay, too.

  16. That’s hilarious! The word K¡rsten is on the censorship list.

  17. Well, you see othan1, legions of guys can find a woman physically attractive despite her being mentally unattractive. Would we want to marry her? No. Can we appreciate her body? Yes.

  18. Isn’t it strange what ends up on that list, Beatus. I remember one time I made a post and had to modify it to edit out T!000…The lack of the edit function pretty much guarantees anything “awaiting moderation” is never going to get approved or show up. I guess it’s just too much to keep up with.

  19. And you, too, Scarab83, will grow up one day and know that personality means a lot more than a pretty face. It didn’t used to affect my willy but these days, having someone to talk to is a bit more important because my willy’s a bit tired. ;o)

  20. hannibal-lecture

    wow, it really edits out mention of our favorite fake terminator

  21. I would call her a whore and a slut as i pushed her head deep into her pillow while plowing her with my 12″ two-way strap on dildo. Then i would lick up her pussy juice and spit it in her eyes!

  22. Anyone else find the whole concept of shaming women for enjoying sex and being good looking ironic? I know I do.

  23. so tell us honest abe..was dat da “manlust” inside reaching out or r u a chick?..any1 who thinks otherwise than wat I said is so gay he still has “crustylovelips”

  24. Othan, if your ‘willy’ is tired, why not remove it from your boyfriend’s anus?

  25. hell yea scarab..u dont go 2 da club n pick out da ugliest/biggest bitch u can find n approach her w “hey baby..wats ur personality like”?..i dont know ne1 dat does

  26. I’ll tell you a secret…

    When you go clubbing, don’t approach the hottest chick you can find. You won’t stand a chance, because she’s already made up her mind to be unapproachable. Instead, pay attention to her friends, especially the uglier ones. Dance with them. Talk to then. Flirt with them. After a while, the hot chick will find you interesting, and possibly approach you. If she doesn’t, what does it matter? Either way, you’re most likely getting some.

  27. She looks like she farted in the photo.

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