Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Mom Lies

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  1. They actually did a MythBusters episode about that once…

    “constructed a makeshift house, complete with grounded plumbing. Then, they doused it with simulated lightning in an electricity testing facility to find out whether the voltage really could leap from the sky to the shower.

    Since the MythBusters were shy about showering on camera, they hired a stand-in: a ballistics gel dummy that had roughly the same electrical conductivity as the human body. To screen for a fatal lightning strike, the dummy wore a heart monitor. The 700,000 volts of fake lightning indeed arced onto the water pipes and jumped to the shower, causing a fire.”

    so I guess it’s not really a wives’ tale after all

  2. My ex-gf’s mum got struck by a lightning when she was in the shower.

  3. The Beast Among Us


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