Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Quickies









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  1. Mitch is a dickhead.

  2. These were fantastic until the last one, Mitch is a twat.

  3. lostintranslation

    Eduardo has awesome friends!

  4. Mitch is a legend ! It’s cold hearted lulz all round…

  5. Eduardo, stop telling your friends off, they rock!

  6. so brad, hows that testicular cancer going… must be a pain in the ass… err balls. fuck.

    I also write text messages with predictive and forget to change words, I went to write ‘cock’ and it came out as ‘anal’. Kinda still got the message across, but not quite. It also write 26 instead of ‘an’ I don’t see how the makers of the phone thought 26 would be more commonly used that the word ‘an’

  7. the first one is stolen from TFLN

  8. Negro, that’s funny.

  9. Nice work Ethan! Tell your brother to chuck a sickie and download porn while everyone pisses off to church. Then make a copy of the evidence and blame your brother. I tip my hat to you sir!

    Drue you should have asked her to join you. She could have taught you a thing or two 😉

  10. Last one is ripped off from Texts From Last Night.

  11. Nothing is original these days, huh?

    I had a good friend rip off something from TFLN, about getting kicked out of Barnes and Noble for putting all the bibles in the fiction section.

    All her friends were LMAOing and telling her how awesome she is. I didn’t even know the site that well but she’d mentioned it a few days earlier.

    I called her out on it and the ass-kissing comments stopped and she was pissed at me for like a week. C’mon now.

  12. The first one is *also* from Texts from Last Night.

  13. I meant to say first, not last. My bad 😡

    @chiiro — That one isn’t even original to TFLN, whoever posted it there ripped it off from elsewhere. That Bibles in the fiction section bit has been floating around for years. People really are horrifically unoriginal–kudos to calling the dumbass out.

    I’m willing to bet less than a fourth of the people who claim to have done that actually have. Pussies.

  14. @unbrokenn — it’d be real hard to actually do that at my local barnes & noble, which has three (or four?) full stacks of bibles. you’d need a card and at least an 8 hour shift to move them across the store like that. hmmm. yeah, anybody from the south who claims to have done this is clearly lyyyyying.

  15. Now it might just be me….but if someone told me excactly what NOT to text them. I KNOW what I’d be doing that night. Without a doubt!

  16. @unbrokenn and chiiro: I’ve just realised that this site is the digital equivalent of ‘You’ve Been Framed’ (home video clip programme) that brings you clips of people making fools of themselves.

    Some of those clips are not original, but if they make people laugh then they should show them.

    I’d use the same logic here. I’ve not seen any of the above so they are worth sharing.

    And chiiro, that was tough on your friend… Have you never ‘recycled’ a joke? I know I have a few times.

  17. Drew can’t spell (“wer’e”). Drew is black.

    Not that I’m suggesting there’s a connection or anything.

  18. Mitch is one cold-hearted bastard!

  19. The word ‘fuck’ is not a tough word. By using it does not make you stronger nor tougher. It’s an unintelligent and meaningless word. I hate when people think it makes them sound so much ‘tougher’ because they say it between every 3 or 4 words of their sentence. I understand when people use it out of anger, frustration, or whatever reason once in a while but please don’t include it into your daily vocabulary ‘just so you sound cooler’. For Eduardo, by posting that on his FB, I think he will only encourage his friends to send vile text messages to his phone.

  20. Fuck is an awesome word.

  21. fuck yes – i do believe you are correct unbrokenn.

  22. I agree with you unbrokenn and Gripper. Sadly I cannot write this word when I am at my office computer. I also like the c-word that rhymes with hunt.

    Does anyone know the mythical Mike Hunt? Rudest name I’ve ever heard.

  23. The Scarlet Pimple

    Looks like Jodie and Victoria should hang out.

  24. whether they are original or not, a few of them are quite funny, even mitch

  25. I’ve seen a guy named Mike Hunt on tv a while back who has running for public office (mayor somewhere in Texas I think). I’ve also known a guy named Richard Head, and a guy named Dick Johnson, who had 14 kids.

  26. all of these are major lawls.
    and win to eduardo for the heathers quote.

  27. what shocks me is a baby alive doll that “poops” is SIXTY POUNDS?!?!?!

  28. I pretty much never comment, but after reading Mercure’s and squidproquo’s comments, I had to. I used to work at a call center, and I was doing outbound calling. (IT SUCKED!) One day, a call popped up and as it was ringing, I read the customer’s name (I wish I could make up stuff this good.)…it was Dick Hardon. Worst part is that he actually picked up and I had to talk to him while my friend next to me laughed hysterically.

    A few days later, my friend had to call a guy named Mike Hawk. Because we were 18-30 year olds with the minds of 7 year olds, we spent all day making jokes about Mike Hawk and how he and Mike Hunt should meet up and be friends.

  29. I would like to be friends with Eduardo’s friends. Sadly I’m stuck with VAUGHANA MINISSIMA! Tch!

  30. As soon as I saw “whipe”, Stewie Griffin started narrating the posts for me . . .

  31. I want to be friends with Lindsay, and with whoever sent the “Heathers” quote to Eduardo.

  32. these were all pretty funny (except the last one) but Drew was hilarious… ‘news flash we’re black’ ahahaha

  33. I wanna be friends with Eduardo.

  34. Facebook does not seem like the most appropriate place to announce that you have cancer

  35. Wow… that last one was bad but really funny. And Eduardo deserves all the nastiness if he’s going to say something like that. Hahaha.

  36. Meh, if Mitch had posted that on mine, I’d have had a good laugh lol. For quite some time though, when it happened to me, I didn’t have the balls to talk about it. 😛

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